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FANS of KFC will always tend to have their firm favourites from bargain buckets to the iconic popcorn chicken.

But some items might be more finger lickin' good than others – we reveal what might be less worth your cash.

The fast food giant offers a huge range of fried chicken based meals, as well as southern style sides like creamy mash and gravy.

It has over 900 sites across the country including drive thrus too.

Chicken lovers can also get their dinner delivered straight to their door through food courier apps like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Below we reveal the top items to always order at KFC and those that might be worth avoiding on the menu.


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Free food

Ordering a main meal from a fast food chain like KFC might sound pretty obvious but there is actually a little-known trick you can use to further increase the value.

A former KFC worker revealed last year a simple tip that could see you get a side for £0.

Many customers order meals when they go to KFC and those deals include a drink.

But you might not necessarily want the drink.

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The ex-worker Josh said you can swap it for a different side, such as fries, gravy, beans or coleslaw.

That essentially gives you extra food for free.

DIY loaded fries

A foodie recently revealed that KFC fans have been missing a trick when it comes to making the most of their dinner.

The TikToker shared her creation, layering chips, BBQ dipped chicken bites, gravy and a chicken wrap all on one plate.

Loaded fries are a popular dish at the moment, with chicken competitor Nando's recently coming out with its own version.

It means that you can combine all of your favourites in one easy meal, without spending any more than you would have usually.


Ever since McDonald's axed its popular ice cream sundaes from its UK menus, fans have been devastated – frequently badgering the chain to bring them back.

That's why Maccies fans should be heading over to KFC instead.

The chain has its own selection of the creamy dessert, which could be just what sweet-toothed fans are looking for.

It includes the new Aero, Milkybar and chocolate flavours, each covered in a tasty sauce.

Plus both the Aero and Milkybar pots are also coated with little bits of chocolate too.

Main meals

One of the best value items you can find at KFC is a simple main meal.

Even compared to similar fried chicken chains, KFC's prices still remain lower than most.

For example, a chicken sandwich meal, which includes a burger, fries and drink, from Slim Chickens will set you back £12.45.

At KFC however, you'd be paying £7.99 for its very similar filet burger meal.

A bucket which includes 10 hot wings, fries and a drink t KFC will cost you £9.99.

In comparison, a 10-wing meal, which comes with 10 chicken wings, fries and a drink will cost you £17.99 at Slim Chickens.

Prices will vary from store to store and depending on whether you ordered in a restaurant or over a delivery app.

Both Slim Chickens and KFC can be ordered via the Uber Eats and Deliveroo app so do consider any delivery costs as well.

Items to avoid

One item that might actually be worth avoiding at KFC is drinks with ice.

Josh, the former KFC worker we mentioned previously, recommends customers ask for drinks without ice.

He claimed the ice often sits in a tub for a long time, especially at quiet times.

If you don't get ice, it also means you'll get more of the drink you've paid for.

It is also recommended to avoid ordering online or on any courier apps during peak times.

You could be left waiting during busy periods, which means your food might not be as fresh as you'd like.

If you live near a KFC store, consider going to collect your food instead.

You can find your nearest branch of the chicken shop on the website.

Finally, you might be better off heading elsewhere if you're buying for little ones.

For example, a KFC kid's meal costs around £5.50 in London, which includes a burger with a regular side and drink, plus a pineapple stick.

But also in the same location, a McDonald's Happy Meal costs just £3.99 including four chicken nuggets, a choice of a side,a drink and a toy too.

Of course, prices vary by location so this might not be the same everywhere, but it always pays to compare prices.

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