Futuristic fashion trends examined as MSCHF prepare to release controversial Big Red Boots

MSCHF’s Big Red Boots are made for walking and that is what they’ll do, but fashion’s trends of the future are breaking barriers to change the industry’s game.

TikTok has recently sparked discussions surrounding MSCHF (pronounced 'mischief') Sneakers big red boots. A new style in the shoe game that is fitting for the Astro Boy look.

The pair of shoes have seen popularity on the internet on how it looks and whether people will be paying out the $350 (£287.68) price point that’s been set.

The Big Red Boots are marking their entrance to the Hype fashion market in the week of February 16, 2023.

However, this is not the first nor the last piece of fashion which has turned heads and led to debates.

The concept of fashion and artistic styles seen through the decades are known to be subjective, to open conversations, and attract new audiences.

Lady Gaga’s 2010 meat dress at the MTV Music Awards is a prime example of breaking fashion expectations.

Although it is not the only look that has opened new lenses to fashion.

Kylie's lion head

One of the most recently spoken looks was Schiaparelli's Paris Haute Couture line shown in January which implemented the look of surrealism into its pieces.

Yes, we are focusing on the lion’s head perched on Kylie Jenner’s and Irina Shayk’s dresses.

Of course not excluding Shalom Harlow’s leopard dress and Naomi Campbell’s black wolf gown look.

The pieces from Roseberry, though, have seen controversies on the portrayal of animals in fashion.

Looking into the concept of trophy hunting and whether this is a forward step in the fashion industry or making a statement on how the industry has utilised animals in the past.

Doja Cat's 30,000 crystals

Across the runway, Doja Cat was decked in red Swarovski crystals that had turned heads in various directions of the room.

The shining look took nearly 5 hours and 30,000 crystals and has already positioned itself as one of the defining fashion art pieces of 2023.

Nevertheless, the future of fashion looks are also notable in the designs that 2022 has brought.

J.W. Anderson’s Loewe pixelated clothing

In the autumn season of last year, J.W. Anderson’s Loewe pixelated clothing pieces opened a new dimension to fashion.

Bringing the 3D everyday normalcy into a 2D optical illusion.

This concept plays into the entire idea of the Metaverse collection, where brands like Gucci and Burberry have brought their pieces into the digital world.

Anderson’s pieces have been greatly compared to Minecraft influences, but opens a new conversation to where the future of fashion can go.

Look at the reversal of bringing pieces into the digital scene or taking the digital scene into real life.

Bella Hadid's spray on dress

The pixel collection was not the only fashion chatter that was happening at the time, Bella Hadid’s Spray on Dress has also brought numerous eyes into the fashion world.

In the closing scene of the Coperni collection of 2022, Bella Hadid stepped onto the runway while the world witnessed the beauty of the dress being built on her.

The dress was made of liquid polymer which had been crafted over many years by Mannel Torres.

The final look opens not only a fresh change in the artistic fashion scene, but the power of changing mediums.

Focusing on changing up traditional usage of fabrics and needlework, for something completely new.

The show itself though has been compared to Alexander Mcqueen’s 1999 collection where Shalom Harlow stood on a rotating platform and was spray painted to bring colour to the blank canvas dress.

But fashion forward changes are not just tied to the dresses, shirts, and lion heads. The complete look is crucial in the accompanying accessories.

Just like the new big red boots set to walk the pavements, bags are an everyday essential to heightening the look.

Bags alone are a different canvas in structure and design, in look and feel.

Pigeon clutches and a 'potato chip bag'

The two most notable obscure pieces of recent years are the Pigeon Clutch by J.W. Anderson and Balenciaga’s Lay’s potato chip bag.

The pigeon clutch bag made of resin and seen in the 2022 menswear collection of Loewe has been extremely popular for fashion fanatics looking for something different.

Celebrities like Sam Smith and Sarah Jessica Parker have boosted its popularity by adding the $890 clutch to their collection.

Lastly, Balenciaga’s Lay’s bag priced at around $1,800 has also become a different accessory to the fashion game.

The creative director, Demna, Lay’s bag was quickly spreading around Tik Tok on how new and different the piece is.

The fashion game is always on the move, every fashion week works to create a story, a style, and a new wave of inspiration for the ever changing industry.

The Astro Boy boots though are just the next trending piece on the wider conversation of how fashion is evolving.

The runway journey of fashion revolves around the oscillating revivals of trends, but designers and directors are constantly aiming to break barriers to bring fashion to new heights.

What's been your favourite fashion piece of recent years? Sign in and let us know in the comments below

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