Hailie Jade Chats with Eminem's Youngest Child Stevie About Unique Bond in Rare Interview

While Eminem often rapped about daughter Hailie and her older sister Lainey, their youngest sibling Stevie Laine managed to largely avoid the spotlight while growing up in the Mathers household.

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers surprised herself when she started tearing up on the Halloween installment of her Just a Little Shady podcast while talking with her younger sibling Stevie Laine Mathers.

Oh my god, am I going to get emotional?” lamented Eminem’s middle daughter with a laugh, per E! News. “I’m old!”

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It was emotional for Hailie because she was remembering her excitement when she discovered that her mom, Kim Scott, was pregnant with Stevie. There are six years between the siblings.

According to Hailie, she immediately became fixated on her new sibling, and a little bit possessive. “When you were born, I was like, ‘A baby for me! It’s mine!'” she recalled.

Stevie is also Kim’s biological child, but her father is Eric Hartter, who passed way in 2019. According to posts shared on her TIkTok, she was unaware that Marshall Mathers was not her biological father for most of her life.

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She was born when Kim and Eminem were separated. The rapper adopted her when the couple reunited. They’d also adopted oldest sibling Alaina (Lainey) Marie Mathers, whose mother was Kim’s sister Dawn, who passed away in 2016.

On her podcast, Hailie marveled at how impressive her younger sibling is, telling Stevie that she’s amazed they’re so “unfazed by everything.” Certainly their childhood and family were anything but traditional.

Still, growing up as the children of the most successful recording artist of his era did afford them opportunities. Stevie, apparently, excelled in all of them.

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“You’ve lived a thousand lives,” Hailie said. “You just try as many activities and then you’d be good at them all. And then I’d be like, ‘That’s annoying. Why are you so athletic?'” She mentioned sports like gymnastics and horseback riding.

Now as an adult, Stevie has found their own passions and even love. Last December, Stevie and partner Declan Jace moved in together after starting their relationship long-distance. “I feel like if you have a connection with someone, it can work,” they said. “Especially if you make time for it to work.”

They spend their time volunteering at an animal shelter and helping kindergartners learn to read. You can check out the full sibling chat in the video below.

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