Hairdresser quits job at 23 after fiancé, 57, says she’s ‘too pretty to work’

A hairdresser quit her job at 23-years-old thanks to her wealthy fiancé.

Alyssa Renee Gutierrez is set to marry her 57-year-old partner Peter, who is 34 years her senior.

They have been dating for three years and the Las Vegas-based influencer is just months older than Peter’s daughter.

As her sugar daddy is a wealthy professional sports gambler, Alyssa is able to live a life of luxury.

On TikTok this month, she boasted about being spoiled by her fiancé on a regular basis.

Alyssa said: "Hot girls don't have to ask for gifts for Christmas because hot girls get Christmas year-round."

The social media star regularly opens up about her relationship on TikTok.

In a previous video, she spoke about falling for her fiancé.

Alyssa revealed: "Peter had just got out of a 15-year marriage in which he had two children – one of his daughter's is only three months younger than me and we are such good friends!

"I've always been attracted to older men my whole life – people think I only like men who are older than my father which isn't true because when I was 18, I had multiple relationships with people ageing from their 20s to their 40s.

"When I was dating men my age, they were more worried about hooking up with me and playing games and they would never commit."

After the pair started dating, Alyssa decided to quit her hairdressing job.

She said: "My fiancé [told] me not to worry about working because I'm too pretty for that."

The TikToker isn't planning on retiring entirely though.

She explained: "Before anyone gets it twisted I’ve taken a couple years off work because we are constantly travelling.

"I'm planning on starting my own business."

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