Here is the multi-tasking scarf accessory everyone needs in their wardrobe this summer

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Over the past year, one accessory that has taken the fashion scene by storm is the silk scarf – from wrap tops to hair ties, we have seen the style be transformed into many garments and items.

Well, there is one brand that has created the perfect sized scarf so that it can be used five different ways and that is none other than sustainable brand Kind Bag.

Whether you want to use it as a chic bag for meeting up with your girlfriends or are in need of a quick outfit change then this is the must-have wardrobe item for you.

The brand champions sustainability so it’s no wonder that they have introduced this genius invention.

On Kind Bag’s website they explain where the inspiration for the new accessory came from as they state: “When we met Furoshiki (fu-row-shee-kee), Japanese traditional fabric that can be turned into a number of different items, we fell in love with the idea straightaway.

“We felt that it would be one of the most sustainable fashion items you can use everyday – then, Furoshiki became the core inspiration of our new product, Scarf Bag.”

As if the reusable aspect isn’t enough to champion a more sustainable approach, the fabric is made completely out of 27 recycled bottles.

Round bag

Scarf bag, Kind Bag, £39 here

The first use of the scarf is what the brand launched them with and that is a gorgeous round bag.

To create the look, you take one of the round handles and place it on the plain side of the fabric.

Then you pull two corners through the hoop away from you and back around to face you and then create a double knot.

You then repeat the process with the other two corners and you’ll be left with a chic bag to carry all your essentials.


When it comes to creating a top, there are actually three different styles you can make yourself – a crop, bandeau or crossover top.

To get yourself a crop top, you just simply fold the fabric in half to create a triangle and then wrap it around your body from the front side and make a double knot on the back to secure it.

For a bandeau style, you follow the steps for the crop top but just do it the other way around so that the knot is at the front.

Lastly, for a crossover top, fold the fabric in half to create a triangle and wrap it around your neck.

Then cross the fabric in front of your chest and make a double knot on the back.

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Neck Scarf

This doesn’t really need a lot of explaining as you can probably figure this out for yourselves but if you want a how to then here we go.

Fold the fabric in half and then keep folding over until you get a narrow strip, then you just wrap it around your neck and secure it with a knot.

Play around with the placement and length of the knot to create different looks.

Head/ Hair Scarf

Hair scarfs have become one of the most popular accessory trends this summer and perfect for the current rising temperatures.

For this you simply repeat the process of making a neck scarf and then experiment with it’s placement – whether that be a headband style, or scrunchie.

Or if you want to elevate your trousers or jeans, thread the scarf through the belt loops and you’ll have yourself a colourful upgrade.

So no matter which way you use this amazing item, you’ll be able to get various uses and styles out of it – genius.

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