Homeless man given free haircut by kind barber and is totally transformed

A homeless man has been given a complete makeover after a barber offered to give him a free haircut.

Rob, 55, has been living on the streets of Melbourne in Australia after having bad relationships with women and drugs.

He battled 20 years of heroin addiction until he was introduced to Narcotics Anonymous.

While having managed to remain 12 months sober, he met barber Nasir Sobhani at a local soup kitchen and was later offered a free haircut.

Touching video shared on the hair stylist's YouTube channel The Streets Barber shows Nasir, 32, working his magic with the clippers to cut Rob's unruly beard and matted hair in a backstreet.

As he starts trimming Rob's long tress, the recovering drug addict shares his story of the reason he is on the street.

Rob says: "Bad women, bad relationships, basically. And heroin addiction played its parts as well.

"The heroin come pretty much before, during and after the relationship."

He also tells Nasir that he is currently 12 months sober from heroin and attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings helped him to "look at the whole thing from a different perspective".

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  • During the haircut, Rob also tells Nasir that he has found his new talent in drawing and shows two of his completed works – a roaring lion and a rabbit.

    "It's been the most positive outlet that I have. It's taken a lot of desperation out of my life," He adds. "Not worried about financial situation so much."

    Once the haircut is complete, the transformation is jaw-dropping. Rob looks like a complete different man with shaved sides and short hair at top.

    Nasir, who started the street barber project when he was 25, told Daily Star in an interview that he has not seen Rob since the haircut.

    He said: "Unfortunately after that day, I haven't actually seen Rob. I go around Melbourne giving haircuts to homeless men and women, but I also give haircuts outside of Melbourne too.

    "The thing about homeless people, in Melbourne, they don't usually stay in one space and because their homeless, they have no home, they are constantly travelling in different areas.

    "You have certain homeless people staying in certain areas but Rob isn't one of those people. I didn't get to be with him for longer after the haircut.

    Although Nasir didn't manage to stay in touch with Rob, he said he understands that Rob is now an artist.

    "He will sell his work, whether that be on the streets or by offering up a little bit of opportunity for people to buy stuff at the shelters," he added.

    "That was the beautiful thing about the guy."

    Asked if he will keep on giving free haircuts to the homeless, he said he has come up with a new plan.

    "My focus now is to teach people how to cut their hair before they go on the street or become homeless," he said.

    "I'm going to prisons now and teach inmates – I got some very interesting guys inside jail, some killers, some thieves, some robbers – that on the outside, people are like 'Oh my God', but on the inside, they are just students who want to learn.

    "I hope that when they come out, they can do something good to the society."

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