Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, October 30


Until you sort out a complicated problem, nothing else will interest you. This is more likely to be an emotional dilemma. Talking your troubles through seems to be the best solution when you don’t really know what else to do but approach a friend you can trust to discuss the issue that is on your mind.


It will come as a surprise to find your hopes, needs and expectations are very different from a partner’s. It might suddenly feel as if you’re both travelling in different directions. You can only choose one path. Think of your own wishes and tailor your lifestyle accordingly.


Take advantage of an unexpected opportunity to acquire a new skill or learn how things work behind the scenes. If you plunge into this project with energy and enthusiasm, you will get a great deal out of it. It will take you a while to get results but you will be up to the challenge.


It might drive a practical friend or partner crazy when you make a decision based on intuition alone. This illogical and unscientific approach might drive them crazy but you will be proved to have been right all along. Sometimes there are no logical answers and our instincts will be correct.


Having someone who can predict how you react to stress means you can be yourself when you’re with them. By leaning on your partner or a close relative it will be easier to get through the tough times. They know you well and understand what you need to overcome an emotional disappointment.


You’re tempted to pretend you know more about a subject that is outside of your field of expertise. Whether you are trying to impress someone who could put new opportunities your way or it is to look good in front of a new friend, it would be better to make them aware of what you can actually do.


A strange incident or conversation will have a deep effect on the way you think, act and behave. You’re starting to question whether you need to go in a new direction. This could take you on a path that’s very different to the one you are on now but you can’t resist your fate.


A friend will let out a secret about you that you preferred some people didn’t know. Whether this was deliberate or by mistake, refuse to be intimidated. This incident will soon blow over and be forgotten about. Hold your head up high. You can and will get through this.


Attending a local get-together may not have been a priority but you might decide to show your face, all the same. Someone you meet will have some important business connections. This could help you further a professional aim. In return, you will have information they will find useful.

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A secret someone trusts you with makes you uncomfortable. As well as taking you into their confidence, they will be asking for a favour. This will involve telling a white lie. If you sense they are trying to manipulate you, walk away. People can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to.


A housemate wants to discuss money and other practical matters. You would rather delay this conversation. You already know what they are about to say and you know too that you aren’t going to enjoy this discussion. If it must go ahead, you need to make certain your views, too, are heard.


It will be upsetting when someone close objects to your plans. Love isn’t perfect all the time. You are more likely to listen to the wrong people when you are in a doubting frame of mind. The willingness to negotiate is what might help keep close relationships strong.

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