Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Thursday, June 16

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Someone you work with or are talking to today is not to be trusted. You will sense who this is and you will be doing your best to make sure they don’t get to hear or see anything that is confidential. There is something you don’t want spread around your community. Keep this knowledge to yourself.


Friends and housemates will be grateful for your practical guidance. You are ready to get your financial situation in order. Once you’ve added it all up, you will know where you stand and this will enable you to plan your finances so expenditures are less than your income.


There are a number of options to choose from. Some ideas you want to experiment with could lead to dead ends. So, be careful about the choices you do make. It might help to talk things over with a practical relative if you need a second opinion.


A journey of some sort will be included in your plans or a friend will ask that you accompany them on a trip they have to make. An outing with a surprise destination will intrigue you a great deal. There will also be an unexpected gift or offer somewhere along the line.


You’re growing tired with the way a close friend or partner tries to get you to live your life according to their needs and preferences. This almost makes you feel like walking away but don’t turn your back on them altogether. There are ways to overcome your differences.


Money matters are on your mind. If you are in a relationship involving joint finances, you may need to put some time aside to discuss future financial plans that also need your partner’s approval. You wish you could work out what a loved one is thinking.


Financial transactions are likely to centre on the home and family. If you are approaching completion of a house sale or purchase, you won’t be able to relax until all dotted lines are signed. Purchases made at this time will bring improvements into, or will help beautify your home.


Your mind is on your more serious goals now and you just want to get on with important concerns. This may mean having to pull out of a social arrangement at the eleventh hour. A friend will be disappointed but it can’t be helped. You have to stick with your priorities.


If you keep on top of all that is going on, you will also feel more in control of your life. Changes in the workplace could mean you have to learn new procedures or set up new routines and these won’t be half the bother some people had expected.


You will feel happier and relieved about how a difficult situation has been successfully handled. You have high expectations of yourself and others. Even so, you are grounded and you will not set your sights so high that they can’t be reached. Patience will be rewarded.


A partner or close friend seems to no longer take any interest in your life or other concerns. You wonder whether they are preparing to leave you. Before asking outright, try to discreetly discuss what is going on. You could discover they are up to their eyes in responsibility but they don’t mean to neglect you at all.


Don’t wait for other people to choose when you’re considering what you all want to do. If you have been hoping to visit a particular restaurant, see a certain movie or book a holiday, even if other people resist your ideas, get on with it. You don’t have to wait for anyone else’s permission.

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