Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Thursday, September 7


Something special is going on and this will call for a private celebration. A friend will wonder about the smile on your face. You will not be ready to let them in on a big secret but you will enjoy being able to keep others happy and inspired due to your own high spirits.


There’s an aura of luck hovering around you waiting for a chance to do you some good. You never expect to be lucky but you will enjoy any positive event or occasion you can be a part of. A partner will receive a bonus or financial windfall that will also benefit you.


Someone keeps telling you that they will do it tomorrow but jobs still aren’t getting done. If this is becoming a problem and causing you a lot of frustration you need to let them know it’s a situation you can’t continue to put up with or live with.


A partner or friend is issuing one ultimatum after the other. You’re tired of having to give in to them and to let them have their way. This is a form of manipulation and you need to break the cycle. Hunches that seem to have no logic are nature’s way of warning you to be cautious and wary.


An offer, invitation or developments in a close relationship will take you straight up to cloud nine. With your mind being so full of exciting thoughts and possibilities, you will hardly notice what else is going on around you.


You’re starting to feel someone is deliberately misunderstanding a situation in order to get away with neglecting their responsibilities. It can feel, at times, as if you are on an emotional rollercoaster. Positive news or a notification will be confirmation that your financial situation is improving.


Your creativity and friendly personality makes you popular among your peers. Most people enjoy your company and that’s why you rarely find yourself on your own. Are you single and looking for love? Your personal charisma is at an all-time high, making you super-seductive today.


A joint project is getting excellent results. This is far better than you had imagined. An achievement will cause others to pause for a small celebration and although this has been well deserved, you will be doing everything possible to maintain good progress.


Your dedication to a special goal will not go unnoticed by people who are in a position to help you. Although you might feel embarrassed by their enthusiastic support, you know you would be foolish to turn down a helpful offer. A bonus or promotion cannot be ruled out now.


When spur of the moment decisions are called for, your only option is to listen to your intuition. It isn’t likely to let you down. There may be a need to contact someone from your past because they have information that would be helpful to you, if they are willing to share it with you.


Someone is asking a lot of questions. Their curiosity is intense and it almost feels like they are invading your privacy. What’s annoying is that they will give no explanation as to why they are being so curious and this will make you wary about how much information you share with them.


If you are typical of your sign you will be sensitive, caring, loving and kind. You should not be surprised when friends and even strangers turn to you for advice. A new neighbour may be hoping you will have the answer to their problems. It’s a great day for mixing with new friends.

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