‘Hot’ mum-of-3 says men spend money on her even though trolls say she’s too old

A "hot" mum flaunted her impeccable figure in minuscule shorts and low-cut tops despite people said she's "too old" to wear them.

Amber Nykole, who calls herself the "Texas blonde", said her biggest flex was when her Tinder account stopped counting how many likes she got.

She explained that it's because her profile hit 9,999 likes in the first week.

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In a video she addressed a troll's comment, saying: "'You're too old for that…no one is going to want to see you…meanwhile…"

Amber showed off her toned legs and brushed her blone tresses backwards, gesturing that men "spent all their money on her".

There was also one "mean girl" commented on her videos saying that it's disgusting for that fact that she dresses like she's 21 years old.

But Amber refused to let her age define her and dressed up in a black figure-hugging onesie, saying: "Not that it matters…but I'm 43 and I will rock this jumpsuit.

"First of all, mind your business. I can't believe the noise I get because I'm 43 but y'all, age is just a number when you're my age."

Fans showed support and said she should ignore the trolls.

"Babe, you are absolutely gorgeous and wear what you want!" one wrote.

Another shared: "Girl, I will tell people all the time just because I have a grandkid, I don't have to look like I do."

A third said the trolls were "simply jealous" and asked Amber not to care too much.

Meanwhile, a 64-year-old woman openly shared her life as a cougar while hitting back at people who criticised on her fashion choices.

"At your age, you should keep your bra on because you need that support," one troll told KarenLee Poter.

The confident TikToker said she would wear whatever she feels good in and even hinted that older women are better in a relationship because they are "adventurour and financially independant".


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