House hunters slam £200k listing for decrepit home filled with rubbish

‘Wrongmove’: House hunters slam listing which describes decrepit home filled with rubbish as a ‘rare opportunity’ for £200,000

  • The three-bed home near Mansfield, Nottingham, appears to be falling apart 

House hunters have slammed estate agents for trying to sell a decrepit, rubbish-strewn and mouldy home for £200,000 and dubbing it a ‘rare opportunity’.

Photos of the filthy home, listed on Rightmove, show every room of the house falling to pieces, piled with waste, with mould and damp on the walls. 

The living room appears inaccessible for anyone trying to get into the space with old newspapers, books and food wrappers stacked on top of one another.

The pricey property listing, located near Mansfield, Nottingham, has sparked fury and humour alike from house hunters.

One joked ‘wall of trash anyone?’ while another added ‘definitely Wrongmove’.

Photos of the home near Mansfield, Nottingham, showed the three-bedroom home with piles and piles of rubbish in the living room

The bathroom showed a toilet taped off with a ‘do not use’ label, while the wallpaper is peeling off 

Sellers on Rightmove marketed the property for £200,000 branding it ‘a rare opportunity’ 

A description of the property on Rightmove read: ‘£200,000. A rare opportunity.

‘This three-bedroom detached property is perfect for anyone looking for a project.’

It went on to add that the property ‘could be the perfect family home with three large bedrooms, a fantastic entrance hall, large kitchen and open plan living/dining room’.

Images, however, show the true extent of the clearance work needed on the three-bed house.

From outside, the semi-detached home appears dingy and unkempt, while on the inside the dining room, living room and bedrooms are full of debris.

Only the kitchen and toilet are clear – although the kitchen has a caved in ceiling and the toilet itself has been taped off with the warning ‘do not use’.

While the kitchen has less rubbish piled up than the living room, the room remains filthy, with mould on the curtains and on the floors

Another image of a downstairs living space shows empty bottles, discarded chairs and shopping bags amongst the high piles of rubbish 

The bedroom is no better. Piled high with rubbish, while damp patches stain the yellow walls 

Many have taken to social media questioning the listing. 

One on Reddit said, ‘I feel so much better about my own housekeeping now’.

Another added: ‘This is just very sad. But also I find it annoying when the estate agents don’t even acknowledge the state of it.

‘I don’t think referring to it as “a project” really cuts it.’

‘Wow, £200k for the honour of hiring a biohazard cleaning crew,’ another laughed.

A fourth said: ‘It’s every room. The hazard tape on the toilet is a nice touch.’

Another added: ‘Looking for a project’ – I know it’s only May but this could win this year as “Most Positive Interpretation by an Estate Agent Award 2023.”‘

Another said the estate agents had ‘balls of steel’ to list the house for £200k.

Many have taken to social media questioning the listing with one saying their jaw ‘dropped’ 

‘Surely if anything shows the ridiculous cost of house prices now it’s this?’ they added.

‘P****d me right off when they put ‘£200,000 at the start as if they are doing you a favour at that price,’ another fumed.

‘Massively overpriced sh**hole, look at the state of it.

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