How Kate Moss, 48, Got Her Ageless Met Gala Glow

Simply ageless! There are few models in history who have captivated hearts and minds quite like Kate Moss. And when the 48-year-old British beauty stepped out to the 2022 Met Gala on May 2, she looked just as preternaturally stunning as she did when she arrived on the fashion scene almost three decades ago.

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Indeed, the style icon hit the red carpet for fashion’s biggest night with her daughter Lila Moss, 19, both dressed in Burberry. The elder Moss wore a tuxedo-inspired black double-breasted off-the-shoulder gown while Lila, who recently made her debut on the cover of British Vogue, rocked a youthful sheer beige dress.

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But beyond the stellar fashion and jewels, it was the supermodel mom’s gorgeous glowing skin and minimal makeup — including a cherry red lip and her signature cheekbones contoured with a bronze sheen — for Us.

The ethereal glam was the work of makeup artist Sofia Tilbury, who is not just an of-the-moment pro, but the niece of beauty legend (and bff of Moss) Charlotte Tilbury. Sofia exclusively dished to Stylish how she created the look and why the night was one to remember.

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Stylish: How long have you and Kate known each other and collaborated on beauty looks? Have you done her makeup for any other events?

Sofia Tilbury: I’ve known Kate since I was a baby! She has always been a part of my life as she’s one of Charlotte’s best friends! They’ve known each other since they were both 19 years old, and Kate has always been such a huge supporter of the brand.

The first time I ever had the opportunity to work with Kate was when I was assisting Charlotte for a Vogue shoot with Mert and Marcus when I was 16. I remember knowing that it was such a HUGE deal to be helping create Kate’s look, and yet at the same time, I knew her so well I wasn’t nervous. It was just so fun and easy, and that’s still how it feels whenever I work with Kate. We always have so much fun!

I recently did Kate’s makeup for Charlotte’s new Pillow Talk Party campaign alongside Twiggy and Jourdan Dunn, which was iconic!! Kate truly understands the power of makeup, and how to channel the energy of a character using beauty. She’s such a chameleon on set and she instantly brought the Pillow Talk Party to life – she knows how to create a party atmosphere everywhere she goes!


Stylish: Did Charlotte provide any tips or tricks for you on the day?

ST: One of the top tips Charlotte taught me with Kate is that she loves faux freckles dotted across the cheeks and bridge of the nose! We always use Charlotte’s Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown to create the effect, and Kate calls it ‘the pencil of youth’!

Kate’s signature look is a sultry, 90s smokey eye with a neutral nude lip, so the Super Nudes collection is another staple go-to in my kit when we’re working together. I love to wash a soft, matte taupe shade across the entire lid, then add definition and smoke along the lash line and into the crease using a soft chocolate shade. Her eyes are incredibly feline and sexy, so we like to emphasize that with a blown-out flick and plenty of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes mascara.

As for the lips, Kate was one of the very first to try Charlotte’s iconic Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, which was created backstage by Charlotte to mimic your lip pigments and create the kind of full, sumptuous, heart-shaped, nude-pink lip that Kate naturally has!! We always apply a light layer of lip liner, then press on a shade like Pillow Talk or Kate’s namesake Nude Kate lipstick shade for a flawless, sophisticated nude pout.

Stylish: What is the atmosphere like when you and Kate are together? I imagine it’s a big party! What is it like getting someone ready for Met Gala, which is so over the top, vs. another red carpet like Oscars?

ST: One of my favorite parts of my job is getting my celebrity clients ready for the red carpet because it’s such a team effort. We always have so much fun looking at the cut of the dress, exploring makeup looks, creating mood boards and considering hair to help bring the character to life. It’s like getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out!

The key difference with the Oscars versus the Met Gala is that the Met is all about the look. It’s fashion’s biggest night and the whole world is watching, so all the stars are dressing to be seen on that red carpet! There’s a lot of pressure to really nail it with the beauty!!

Behind the scenes, Kate always brings such an amazing energy to these events because she’s so down to earth. She’s chatty, funny and very calming to be around.

This year’s Met Gala red carpet was extra special because Kate was walking with her daughter Lila, who is another very close friend. The whole glam team wanted them both to look and feel amazing, so we collaborated closely with Riccardo and the Burberry team, as well as with Bob Recine in hair styling to create the perfect looks to bring the theme to life!!

Stylish: So what were the key elements of Kate’s Met Gala look?

ST: For Kate’s Met Gala look, we wanted to complement the femme fatale aesthetic of her incredible black velvet Burberry trench gown with a softly defined eye, fresh, glowing skin and a bright, cool-toned red lip. The gilded glamour theme really came through in the complexion, which Kate wanted to look super radiant and glowing. I used Beautiful Skin Foundation combined with Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wand to create a lit-from-within, sun-kissed base, then topped that with rose-gold light on the cheekbones and nose using the Beauty Light Wands in Spotlight and Goldgasm!

We finished by painting on a fresh red lip with the Hot Lips lipstick in Carina’s Love. I am obsessed with how the classic glamour of this look came together with a pop of modern red for confident color!


Stylish: About how long did it take to get Kate ready?

ST: With a high-profile event like the Met Gala, we always put aside a couple of hours for makeup so that we don’t feel stressed-out or rushed! It’s so important that we have fun, and I love seeing the full look slowly come to life as hair, styling, jewellry and makeup are all finished!! We always know we’ve nailed it when the brushes are down, everyone stands back and the jaws start to drop!!


Stylish: What’s the secret to Kate’s complexion looking so ageless? 

ST: My top tips for red carpet beauty are always around how to create a flawless, poreless looking glow. HD cameras, flash photography and red carpet lights can be incredibly unforgiving on the skin, so I take the time to thoroughly hydrate the complexion before applying a glowing, radiant base like Beautiful Skin Foundation.

I use two shades of concealer, one lighter shade underneath the eyes and on the high points of the face to bounce the light and create a lifting effect, and one to match the complexion to conceal any blemishes or areas of redness.

To set and perfect, Airbrush Flawless Finish powder is the red carpet must-have I never do makeup without!! It’s the one product I always slip into my celebrity clients’ clutch bags before they leave me! It’s so finely milled, it never looks patchy or cakey when you reapply, and I adore the way it blurs, sets and soft-focuses pores and fine lines!!


Stylish: As a Brit yourself, what does American Beauty mean to you?

ST: For me, social media has really changed the game where beauty is concerned. In 2022, American beauty is about celebrating all kinds of beauty. It’s about having fun and radiating confidence! I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the states this year working at New York Fashion week and during the Oscars in LA, and I have met so many incredible TikTok stars, from Mikayla Nogueira to Meredith Duxbury and Asia Monet Ray! They all have their own unique styles, and they all have fun with beauty, whether that means embracing skincare, playing with pops of color or going for full coverage, flawless matte makeup every day!! I am so here for it!!

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