How meat-free dog treats can boost a pet's health and save the planet

Do dogs really need to eat meat? These superfood dog treats deliver protein through crickets and spirulina – and Amazon shoppers rate them FIVE STAR for helping dogs’ digestion

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You might assume dogs need to eat meat to fulfil their nutritional needs but it doesnt have to be that way.

It is possible for dogs to eat a completely balanced diet and consume all the protein they need while being meat-free thanks to Chippin dog food and training treats.

Fast growing in popularity among American dog owners on Amazon, the Chippin training treats contain protein from eco-friendly sources such as crickets and spirulina. And as a month’s supply costs $9.99, it doesn’t cost much to offer your dog variety in their diet, which has additional health benefits.

Spirulina biscuits are a drool-worthy, natural alternative to hydrolyzed protein  and they are appealing to dogs’ sense of taste, according to impressed Amazon shoppers.

They have a low environmental impact,  compared to farming beef or chicken, making them  better for your dogs and the planet.

The Vegan human-grade protein found in Chippin supports gut health and has been developed by vets for top quality nutrition

Cricket protein is hypoallergenic and great for dogs with sensitive digestive systems as well as packed with prebiotic fiber, supporting a healthy gut.

If your dog is ageing or has bone health issues, you might be interested in the spirulina daily treats, as spirulina works to support bone and joint health. You can work it into your dog’s diet as a meal topper, a training reward or a snack on the go.

The Chippin treats can be used as a healthy snack on the go or motivation  to make your pet behave, without putting pressure on their digestive system

Spirulina is also fully vegan. USA pets rank fifth in global meat consumption, which is potentially harmful to the planet’s eco-systems, but Chippin is changing this with dog treats developed from superfood proteins 

No compromise on taste has been made to achieve the nutritionally-rich and sustainable food as Amazon shoppers are ‘blown away’ by how their dogs react to the treats.

‘My dogs just love these chippin treats!’ praised one reviewer who rated them a perfect five. ‘They are so great to give for individual treats or crumbled over food as a meal topper. Both my pups love them and go nuts as soon as they hear the bag!’

Another added: ‘My dog absolutely LOVES these treats! She has a sensitive tummy so we’re careful of what we give to her. She just adores these treats and always gets so excited for them.’

Crickets are a natural, incredible source of protein for dogs that acts as a prebiotic to support gut health and digestion, reduce inflammation and boost immune response and are proven more digestible than chicken! 

It has a low environmental impact as crickets create less waste than farming cows or chicken 

Chippin dog treats are more digestible than treats containing beef or chicken and are made using organic crickets from locally sourced farms

As all products are manufactured in the US, the carbon footprint is low and any carbon incurred in shipping is offset to make them completely carbon neutral as well as plastic neutral.

You’re also supporting a family business when you buy from Chippin, as the brand was founded by young female entrepreneur Haley Russell who wanted to create an eco-friendly and nutritious food for her own dogs, Wren and Fisher.

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