Husband storms out of honeymoon after wife edits son out of wedding snaps

A man has been left fuming after his new bride cut his son out of his wedding photos.

The fella claimed everything went smoothly on their big day, until he saw the snaps of their big day.

At first, he revealed how he was in a state of shock as he blamed the photographer.

He told the Sun: "I was in a state of shock and really couldn't believe it was her and thought it was the idiot photographer who did this but he told me he did this based on her wishes and made her more copies as well."

When he spoke to his wife about this she said that she just want some pictures of them as a couple.

However, he said he didn't believe her because "there were still family members that weren't cut out of the photos".

His wife insisted he was making a problem out of nothing, and showed him the copies of the pictures with his son in them.

"I lost my temper because it felt like she was excluding him in a way," he continued.

"The argument escalated and she wanted to call my son and ask him to show that 'he doesn't really care' but I told her not to do it and get him involved."

He asked his new mother-in-law about it and she replied saying that his wife "didn't mean to exclude my son and I should know that as a bride she must've felt overwhelmed and so I should be easy on her".

Still struggling to control his anger, he eventually decided to call time on the honeymoon and "just go home".

In the comments section, people were divided as to who was in the wrong, after the man asked if he had made a "big deal" out of nothing.

One person who agreed that the wife was in the wrong wrote: "She's finally showing her true colours.

"Protect your son, excluding him from photos is the first step. Divorce her."

And another added: "If she just wanted a photo of you two by yourselves, she could've asked for it on the wedding day.

"Even if she forgot or something, she didn't have to cut your son out of the MAJORITY of photos and could've easily had what she wanted with just one or two photos."

But someone else argued: "Your son wasn't getting married, he shouldn't be in THAT many photos that it's a problem."

And another commented: "It sounds like you picked a big fight on your honeymoon about nothing…"

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