I did these tongue exercises 15 times a day for two months

I did tongue exercises 15 times a day for two months to define my jawline – it’s so effective I don’t need filler anymore

  • Jessica Madrigal, 27, from San Diego, claims ‘mewing’ helped define her jawline
  • Said the practice became effective after she stuck at it everyday for two months 
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A woman says a new trend called mewing – involving tongue exercises – has changed her face so she’s no longer thinking of getting filler and implants.

Jessica Madrigal, 27, from San Diego, California, was disappointed she didn’t have a very prominent jawline and jealous of her mother and sister’s.

She would fall asleep with her mouth open which she believed ‘wasn’t helping’ in her quest for a more defined jawline.

But when she came across a video detailing a unique facial structure trick, called ‘mewing’ she knew she had to give it a go.

Mewing involves placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth, near the front teeth, and biting down naturally at the back of the jaw throughout the day, for as long as feels comfortable.

Jessica Madrigal, 27, from San Diego, California, said that doing tongue exercises for two months changed the definition of her jawline for the better. Pictured now

It took Jessica two months of mewing before she began to get used to it and it became natural to do.

Jessica combined this with sleep tape to keep her mouth closed at night and a small amount of physical exercise at the gym, and soon began to see results.

She kept her tongue in that position throughout the day for 15 minute periods and looking at her phone reminded her to do it.

Eventually she was also able to sleep with her mouth closed without the assistance of the tape.

Jessica claims her efforts have changed her face shape and given her a more defined jaw line.

Jessica, a teacher, said: ‘I’ve been doing it for two-and-a-half years now and I feel so much more confident.

‘Before I wanted fillers, implants and a nose job and now I really like how I look.

‘At that time before, it wasn’t something I could just spend money on and now I don’t even want to anymore.

The beautiful enthusiast was not happy with her round cheeks and yearned for a more defined jawline. Pictured before 

‘I’ve always been smaller and petit, but my face wasn’t defined – my mother and sister both have defined jawlines and I was confused why I didn’t.

‘Then in 2020 I found this video about mewing and this guy had before and after pictures and it was a video about good habits to get into.

‘It was about making sure my tongue was in the proper position.

‘At first it felt a little bit difficult with pressure at bridge of my nose and I wasn’t used to breathing with my mouth closed.

‘But I used a little technique where I said the start of the Spanish letter Ñ -pronounced ‘enye’ – and that helped it become more natural.’

For two months, Jessica practice the ‘mewing’ technique 15 minutes a day, as well as face exercises in the gym, and practiced sleeping with her mouth closed. Pictured now, left and right 

Before trying the technique, Jessica had been considering doing filler to resolve her jawline issues, but she has now given up on the idea 

Jessica used to sleep with her mouth open due to sinus issues and decided to research sleep tape.

She now feels that breathing through her nose has helped improve those sinus problems.

She said: ‘I think it’s made my allergies lessen by breathing through my nose.

‘Sometimes I feel that I’m breathing heavier, but I definitely prefer it to breathing with my mouth open.’

After mewing consistently for two-and-a-half years, Jessica has found that it’s become her natural and relaxed position.

Before, pictured, the beauty enthusiast envied her mother and sister for their more angular faces 

She also makes sure she is continuously working her jaw by chewing gum and eating food evenly on both sides of her mouth.

Jessica shares videos of her mewing journey on TikTok – where some people have said they don’t see a difference in her.

But she claims friends and family soon noticed her changes – and say she looks ‘younger’.

She said: ‘My family have said it’s crazy.

‘Some people on the videos say there’s no difference but the people closest to me say there’s a difference and that I look younger.

‘They were telling me this before I even started mewing and I was just using mouth tape.

Jessica now. She said the practice has made her eyes and lips look bigger, and credited the practice for making her look younger as well 

‘My eyes look bigger and so do my lips, maybe because of the mouth position.

‘It’s helped with migraines too. I just wake up feeling better.

‘I also met someone soon after I started, and we were looking at how different I looked in the photos when we met compared to now.’

Jessica says she had always been slim, but not in her face, and that she now thinks she looks ‘a lot different’.

‘I lost a good amount of weight whilst mewing but I was already skinny to begin with,’ she said.

‘It was just my face that wasn’t, so I know that mewing works.

‘And I’m still skinny now but my face looks a lot different.

‘The mouth tape whilst sleeping was a great place to start and another trick that I did is every time I would look at my phone, I would be reminded to get in the mewing position.

‘I would also remind myself to do it when driving.’

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