‘I got told off for wearing uniform at work as my curves are "too much" for job’

A curvy woman was fuming after claiming she was called into the office at work over her outfit – despite it being the uniform.

Isha Mason, who posts under the username @isha.mason, claimed she was called into the manager's office to be read the dress code because "men kept looking at her".

But she was baffled as she was in her Costco uniform – with grey trousers and a burgundy polo shirt with a name tag on.

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Taking to TikTok, she alleged she simply has "the wrong body shape" for the figure-hugging uniform.

"So I'm borderline p*ssed like I got called into the office because I'm following dress code, but my body shape is too much for my job," she claimed.

"I don't get it like I'm following the dress code, but because I might have people following me around at work, how is this my fault?"

In the caption, she added: "I was called into the office, and told that although I have on the right attire, I have the wrong body shape to wear it. I am in dress code.

"But because the men keep looking at me, I have to come to work in bigger clothes… that's body-shaming, harassment and it's just plain wrong.

"Costco needs to focus on much more important things than my body shape. I am embarrassed. This is embarrassing."

TikTok viewers were left stunned at the claims and took to the comments to let her know that what she was wearing was fine.

One user said: "A female at your job is big jealous of you. I think you look beautiful."

Another added: "You either turned a man down and hurt his pride or a female jealous. You look great."

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A third commented: "You are covered completely. You look gorgeous and professional. No not your fault."

Costco has been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment on the issue.

But according to the Sun, Costco's dress code does not prohibit Mason's attire as the policy states: "We ask your assistance by arriving to work in a neat, clean, and professional manner.

"All attire and accessories worn in the workplace must be free of any advocacy messaging."

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