I just found out my husband married me because of a bet

I just found out my husband of 10 years married me because of a BET – should I divorce him?

  • The US-based couple met at work a decade ago and have since tied the knot
  • The woman recently found out her husband won a bet to take her virginity
  • She has been left ‘really disturbed’ – as she wonders if she should divorce him

There are many ways to fall in love with someone – but one woman feels deceived by her husband after discovering he married her following a juvenile workplace bet.

The unnamed woman wrote an anonymous piece for the Atlanta Black Star to detail the circumstances which brought the two together. 

In the piece, she explained they met when she was in her early-20s, and both of them were working in a call center, which she said was ‘loud and rowdy.’

The woman said all of her coworkers were young and particularly boisterous, adding they spent a lot of time having inappropriate conversations.

‘Somehow, it became public knowledge on the floor that I was a preacher’s kid and a virgin,’ she explained in the piece. ‘I expected that information to cause me to be ostracized, but it actually had the opposite effect.’

The unnamed woman admits she feels deceived by her husband, after discovering he married following a juvenile workplace bet (stock image)

The woman said she suddenly became a ‘hot commodity,’ and found the attention she was receiving pretty overwhelming – apart from one man, whom she ended up giving her phone number to. 

The woman and this man, Thomas, ended up talking for ‘hours’ on the phone and eventually went on to marry each other and start a family, living a very happy life.

But she has since uncovered a shocking fact about their marriage that has made her second guess their entire relationship – a decade since the couple worked at the call center.

‘One day, I was at a party with one of our mutual friends who worked in the call center, [and] he let it slip out that there had been a bet in the call center when we all worked there,’ she recalled.

‘Apparently, my husband, Thomas, was a part of the bet to see who could take my virginity,’ she revealed. ‘I was crushed and really disturbed by the admission.’

The woman confronted her husband who admitted he had been involved in the bet and assured her it was a ‘childish’ thing between some of the men in their workplace.

‘He said that even though he was motivated by the bet when he got to know me, he fell in love with me and doesn’t regret tying the knot,’ she recalled.

The woman was furious and upset by the revelation, declaring it to be ‘crude and downright disgusting.’

She was shocked when an old co-worker let it slip that there had been a bet in the call center  to see who could take her virginity (stock image)

She angrily berated her husband, telling him she couldn’t believe he went as far as to ‘marry me, just to win a bet and take my virginity.’ 

However, her husband refuted this and instead became defensive before accusing the woman of overreacting. 

‘[He] decided to turn his back on me and go back to sleep,’ the hurt woman explained. ‘I have spoken to my parents about the matter and am considering divorce. 

‘Am I being overly sensitive about a foolish and immature bet, or do I have grounds for dissolving our marriage?’ she asked readers.

The article was republished by Yahoo News, where people commented on the complicated situation – many urging her not to pull the trigger and file for divorce too quickly.

‘As long as he treats well you, as an equal and respectfully now and has never cheated divorcing seems a huge leap for something that happened years ago and can’t be changed now, especially if you have children,’ one user commented on the story.

‘Are you kidding? Do you think he married you – on a BET?’ exclaimed another reader. ‘Stayed married for 10 years – on a BET?’

‘Get real, woman! What’s the real reason you’re thinking about a divorce,’ they continued. ‘Be honest, and don’t use the BET as an excuse, for crying out loud!’

Others came to her defense, admitting they would also be upset to find themselves in that situation.  

‘He should have told her the truth BEFORE sleeping with her,’ a user agreed, adding her husband doesn’t appear to show any ‘remorse’ over the wager.

‘I completely understand why she feels used and disgusted. Him sincerely falling in love with her doesn’t change what a gross thing he did,’ they added.

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