‘I sell my smelly stripper heels to random men and it’s making me a fortune’

A stripper who says she sells her smelly used heels to "random men" online is making a fortune.

Leah Beth, 25, works as an exotic dancer in a strip club in Magaluf, Majorca, Spain – and gets through a lot of heels doing it.

She used to bin her shoes when they got worn and smelly – until she realised that could become a side hustle for her.

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For the past year, Leah has been putting her smelly second-hand heels on Vinted.

She says men rush to purchase them and even say "the smellier the better" – and some even make bizarre requests such as sticking gum and cigarette butts to the bottom.

As they're €80 (£69) to buy new, having to replace her worn shoes every three months was a big expense.

But when sh sells them on Leah makes that back instantly – and more.

Her last pair sold for €170 (£146) and she has vowed to never throw away an old pair again.

Leah, originally from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said: "Working as a stripper, I wear them for hours and hours and eventually they stink.

"It's such an ongoing expense – continuously buying these shoes.

"When I realised there were people out there actually looking for dirty smelly shoes, I started putting them up for sale.

"I don't make thousands from it but why spend money on new shoes when you can get them for free, with a bit extra too?

"It never occurred to me before but now I'm thinking, I've been dancing for seven years – all those shoes I've thrown away over the years that I could have sold."

Leah first noticed there might be a market for smelly old shoes after uploading some normal clothes to Vinted a year ago.

She started getting messages asking if she had any shoes to sell – and it became clear there was a demand.

Having sold just a handful of pairs so far, in each case it only took a matter of hours for interest to flood in.

She says people ask her how many times they've been worn – because for them, the smellier the shoes, the more appealing they are.

One man inquiring about a pair recently on sale asked if she would stick a piece of chewing gum and a cigarette butt to the bottom of them.

She said: "He said he wanted to chew the gum.

"I said he'd have to pay an extra €50 (£43) for it and left a note when I sold the shoes saying 'eat your dinner'."

While she sells her old club heels on an as-and-when basis, she has an arrangement in place with one man who likes second-hand trainers.

Whenever Leah needs a new pair, he'll pay for them for her – if she sends him her old sweaty ones in return.

She said: "I just have to promise I don't wash them.

"He's so chuffed with that arrangement too – he believes he has the better end of the deal.

"I'm financially comfortable but you can never have too much money."

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Sometimes she gets time-wasters who pretend to be interested, just to speak to her.

To combat this she speaks bluntly to ensure the conversation won't stray beyond the business transaction – and has no problem ghosting people.

While she has no intention of making it into a full-time business, she encourages other women to hunt in their wardrobes.

She said: "There are people who might want to put more time and energy into it.

"There's room to go into selling things like gym trainers, socks, pantyhose.

"Or I do also get a lot of requests for pictures and videos of my feet, walking around, getting them dirty – even stepping in cake.

"Once you get past the fact it's kink and fetish content, it's just like walking along the beach barefoot."

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