I was bullied so cruelly on Blue Peter I turned into a shaking, gibbering wreck, reveals Yvette Fielding | The Sun

FORMER Blue Peter presenter, Yvette Fielding has revealed she was bullied so much on the show that she turned into a "shaking gibbering wreck".

The host has opened up about her experienced on the BBC show.

Yvette joined Blue Peter in 1987, becoming the youngest ever presenter of the kids' show.

But during her time on the BBC programme, Yvette said she was bullied by an executive.

The host said that reporting live segments was "hell" because she was "so slow" when she first started.

"To me, the most important thing in a job was to please your boss and do the best that you can do. The problem was that I was trying to please my boss so much, but my boss seemed to be just incredibly cruel," She shared.

She went on to say that she told she continuously told that she was "useless".

Yvette added: "I thought that I’d be doing OK and then I was told that I was useless. Absolutely useless, again and again and again. It was like every time I did what I thought was right, she’d come back and say something awful or she’d just berate me in front of other people…

You’ve got to be confident in front of eight million people twice a week and my confidence was just at an all-time low. I was a shaking, gibbering wreck."

Yvette was so fed up with how she was treated that she planned to resign.

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But to her surprise, the executive shortly left, and she decided to stay.

After 5 years, Yvette left Blue Peter in 1992.

In spite of her struggles, the presenter has become one of the biggest TV stars.

One of her most notable TV credits is, Most Haunted which first aired on Living TV in 2002.

The series proved a smash hit, leading Yvette to also star in the spin-off Ghosthunting With…, which saw her investigate further haunts with stars like Girls Aloud and the cast of Towie.

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