Idaho Schools Ban Backpacks After Finding Gun — Students Hilariously Obey

…was that an aquarium?

Finding a gun at school is nothing to laugh at — but the resulting rule changes certainly were for these students.

Last Thursday, a number of schools in Idaho announced they were banning backpacks, after finding a gun in one belonging to a student at Rigby Middle School earlier that day. A 13-year-old girl taken into custody after she was found in the bathroom by a custodian with the weapon stashed in her bag.

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Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson told East Idaho News the girl never pointed it at anyone, no shots were fired, and nobody was injured. She was taken into custody without incident.

School authorities were already on edge, as the last school shooting there happened only four months ago; in May, a sixth-grade girl shot two fellow students and a custodian. Luckily, none of them died.

So after Thursday’s incident, they decided to ban backpacks at Rigby Middle School, Farnsworth Middle School, Rigby High School, and Jefferson High School outright — effective immediately.

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“Elementary schools will still be able to have backpacks,” Monica Pauley, spokeswoman for Jefferson School District 251 told the outlet. “We are doing this as a precautionary measure.”

So … what do students carry their stuff in then? Pretty much anything, it turns out.

Aptly-named TikToker Savannah Bagley, a student at Rigby High, documented her fellow students creative ways of hauling their gear:

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Spotted in her videos were cooler boxes, laundry hampers, baby strollers, Radio Flyer wagons, mail room carts, belts, lanyards, a child’s toy shopping cart, a real shopping cart, possibly an aquarium, and a Peppa Pig lunch pail.

One student was seen carrying his belongings inside a mini popcorn machine, while another genius dragged his behind him in a sled:

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Many of these containers, it should be noted, could just as easily hide a gun.

And it’s not just Idaho; according to KPIX5, schools in Texas, Illinois, Ohio and other states have instructed parents to inform children they will have to carry their books to and from class this fall.

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