‘I’m a hot 52-year-old cougar – people call me selfish but I never want kids’

A self-confessed cougar refuses to bow to the pressures of society.

Patsy Mennuti, 52, is branded "selfish" for not wanting to settle down with a husband or kids. But she won't apologise for putting herself first.

The life coach, from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, US, wants to show other women that they don't need a man or family to feel fulfilled.

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She told Fabulous: "Motherhood and wifehood are very very very hard work, and women still do not get the emotional and physical support they need from their partners.

“In many cases, they get one more body they have to keep up with and care for. I have met countless women over the years who so lonely and isolated in their relationships with their husbands and so many feel that they 'have to do it all.'

“Motherhood and wifehood can be rewarding with the right partner, but so many studies now show that the happiest individuals on Planet Earth… are single women.

“I am proof positive that that path can be exceedingly rewarding. Sometimes I call it radical selfishness.”

Patsy refuses to let age old her back either. She told Daily Star: "Even though my life is more than half over, I still like to wake up every day at 52 with that same outlook like anything is possible."

Part of her zest for life was apparent when she partied at Spring Break this year. The cougar felt right at home during the festivities, where she mingled with strangers and sipped on drinks.

"I was out clubbing at night, just hanging out at the pool and at the beach with everybody during the day and just having just amazing conversations with people, going to concerts, getting bottle service, I just did it up," she said.

Another part of living her "best life" is having fun with younger men – instead of older blokes who have chosen a more "sedentary path". At 38 she had her first experience with a younger man, 10 years her junior.

"It was incredible. It was amazing. It was so fun. We had a great time together," she said.

"…Yes, I'm attracted to younger men. Yes, it's such a fun energy, and I really enjoy interacting with them. But I think overall, too it's about navigating midlife in an empowered way".

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