‘I’m addicted to tattoos but want a baby – it’ll be no ink for nine months’

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    A mum 'addicted' to tattoos vowed to abstain from ink for nine months if she gets pregnant.

    Melissa Sloan, 46, from Wales, became infamous for her penchant for etching her entire body with designs – including a butterfly on her vagina and three layers of face tattoos.

    The mum of seven – five of which are estranged – has spent years getting at least three new tattoos a week. She even bought a tattoo gun and ink from Amazon so her partner Luke can ink her any time of the day.

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    Melissa will "never stop" going under the needle for the sake of her health – regardless of her face 'turning blue' or health or her leg potentially 'falling off'.

    But she's willing to quit her obsession for her family – as she wants her eighth child.

    Melissa exclusively told Daily Star: "I won’t be having tattoos for about nine months. Well, you can have tattoos but I won’t be doing that.

    "I just worry that it would harm the child, the baby that will be inside me. I’ll give up the smoking as well and I don’t drink."

    There is little information and research regarding the risks of getting a tattoo while pregnant. However, there is thought to be a very small risk that the chemicals within the ink could possibly affect the development of the baby in the early stages of pregnancy, specifically the first trimester (12 weeks).

    Whereas smoking while pregnant is proven to have a detrimental affect on the baby, with the increase risk of having a stillbirth among other complications.

    Melissa, who has been celibate for three years, explained that she now feels full of "love" and "passion". Therefore, she thinks it's perfect timing to add to her brood.

    The mum currently lives Luke with her two youngest children, Autumn, 11, and Summer, nine. If she does get pregnant, this will be her third child with Luke.

    The mum is often trolled for her appearance and has even been branded a "freak" in public while with her two young daughters. Melissa is under the impression that she will receive 'hate' for having another baby, but 'doesn't care'.

    "There will be some haters out there again," the mum expressed.

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    "I know that will happen but who cares, this is what we want. My daughters keep going on and on and on all the time.

    "I think this will be the making of me though, the final chapter. Luke has always wanted a son and I don’t care if I have a boy or a girl. We’ve just got to do it now."

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