‘I’m trolled for wearing sexy clothes as mum and businesswoman – but won’t stop’

A curvy babe slammed trolls who tell her to dress modestly as a mum.

Iskra Lawrence, from Kidderminster in the UK, has racked up five million Instagram followers by flaunting her natural body in all its glory.

But the 32-year-old's racy snaps have put her in the firing line of body-shaming trolls who have urged her to cover up her signature curves in order to be respected.

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However, the body-positive model refuses to let keyboard warriors hold her back.

She claims the type of clothing she wears – and how many layers she puts on – has no bearing on how she should be seen as a wife, mum and businesswoman.

In a video, which had gained more than 55,000 likes, Iskra was seen styling a leather-look blazer and trousers with a green longline bralette and silver heels.

Taking part in the viral trend of wearing lingerie as outerwear, she wrote in the caption: "The amount of clothes you wear or the type of clothes you choose to wear don’t determine your worth.

"This is a statement that’s taken me a long time to truly believe because it all began a long time ago growing up in a world, hearing my mom say 'I don’t want to be mutton dressed like a lamb'.

"Having teachers shame me because I refused to wear tights even though they kept giving me thrush, hearing women being shamed for being distracting to men because of what they’re wearing or seeing myself.

"And others not being taken seriously as women in business because of how we dress and of course, being told you must be respectful and cover up when you’re a mother.

"The list goes on and I’m sure for many it’ll be hard to unlearn and detach from those outside voices and opinions, but girlllll I’m best to remind you that only YOU get to choose what, how and why you wear something

"So next time you hesitate and hear yourself saying 'Should I wear this?' have a think of the 'should' came from someone else’s opinion/pressure/expectation and release it so you are free to be unapologetically you."

Instagram fans rushed to the comments to praise Iskra for her empowering message and encouraged her to continue wearing what she wants.

One user said: "Keep being unapologetically you. You’re gorgeous."

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Another added: "I just love you! Thank you for never hesitating to brutally discuss and call out the awful ways our society treats women! You are literally one of my heroes."

A third wrote: "Yes. Go girl. You’re gorgeous and professional!"

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