I'm worried my uncle might be abusing my aunt's grandchildren

DEAR DEIDRE: I FEEL sick to my stomach knowing my uncle might be abusing my aunt’s grandchildren.

My uncle is someone I don’t have contact with. He was disowned by most of the family for sexually abusing his two sisters.

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My mum, who was one of his sisters, told me in confidence about the abuse.

She was so scared of him that she didn’t stand up to him – just like her sister.

Mum and her sister have died in the past couple of years and my uncle has now moved on to my aunt’s adult children as the caring uncle.

They don’t know what he did to their mum. It’s been a family secret.

I worry that their children are at risk of being abused by him. He is 65.

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Can I go to the police even though I wasn’t there to witness any crime?

Would they take it seriously? I’m a man of 32.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your concerns are justified. Your uncle has a track record and the potential to abuse again.

The problem of abuse within families is that if no one ever speaks out and nothing is done to stop the abuse, it tends to continue.

Pretending it never happened does not solve anything. Talk to Stop It Now (stopitnow.org.uk, 0808 1000 900) in the first instance.

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