Incredibly lucky dad cancelled Twin Towers meeting on 9/11 as son was born early

A man has shared a miracle story of how he inadvertently saved his dad's life by being born early.

Mark Bowling, 19, from New Jersey, US, was taking part in the "one in a million" story trend on TikTok when he explained the incredible story of his birth.

In the clip shared to TikTok, he says: "He kept trying and he just couldn't give up. And then there was me, I was finally born.

"I wasn't supposed to be born on the day I was born, I think my due date was earlier or later, I forget."

The day Mark was actually born was September 11, 2001 – the same date that 2,606 people were tragically killed when two planes flew into the World Trade Centre.

And, incredibly, his dad was due to be there at that time. "The day that I was born, he had to cancel work and the day he had to cancel work he had a security meeting at the 101st floor on tower 1 of the Twin Towers.

"So my dad didn't go to work that day and he got a baby boy."

The video has raked in more than 15 million views and fans agreed that it is a "one in a million" story.

One said: "I'm getting chills, this is insane. You literally saved your dad's life."

"You are a literal miracle," another commented. "Everything happens for a reason."

A third jokingly suggested: "So you're the favourite child then."

In total, the 9/11 terror attacks saw a total of 2,977 people killed after four passenger planes crashed into locations including the two World Trade Centre buildings and the Pentagon.

The site at Manhattan has since been turned to a memorial and museum to honour the victims of the attack.

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