Influencer strips to eat cake in lingerie & says ‘it’s normal to gain weight’

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    Curvy influencer Bella Davis celebrated her birthday by eating cake in her lingerie.

    The social media star, who strips off to promote body acceptance, wanted to use her special day to reiterate to her followers that "food isn't the enemy" as she told them "it's normal to gain weight".

    Bella shared a number of photos with her 251,000 followers which saw her showing off her curves in a sheer, white, embroidered lingerie set from brand Lounge Underwear.

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    She was seen in the first snap surrounded by balloons and holding a cake as she smiled happily for the camera.

    The Australian beauty then takes a lick of the cake, as she wrote on the photo: "You deserve to live without restriction."

    Captioning the post, Bella told fans: "IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    "And because of that I wanted to share some thoughts with you which helped improve my body image throughout the last year that I hope you’ll find helpful.

    "Food isn’t the enemy. You never need to ‘earn’ or ‘work for’ your food. You deserve to nourish your body with the food it craves and the ones it needs. You deserve to eat.

    "Your soul purpose in life isn’t to lose weight. It is to live. So stop waiting till you are thinner to start truly enjoying your life."

    She continued: "You only get one life in this body. Don’t waste your days wishing you were thinner. Your body is the least interesting thing about you and you are worthy of love at any size.

    "Your softness doesn’t equal failure. It’s normal to gain weight. Gaining weight isn’t shameful. There’s no shame in your body changing. Only growth and growth is something we should greet with open arms."

    Continuing the caption, she added: "Your nakedness is nothing to fear. Instead of facing away from the mirror, I urge you to greet her. Run your hands along every lump, stretch mark and roll. Explore your body and try and see the beauty within every crease and fold.

    "Stop comparing your body to others. Someone else’s beauty does not take away from your own beauty. You deserve to be held, touched and seen. Don’t wait till you lose weight to allow yourself to enjoy intimacy.

    "Be kind to your body today queens. Celebrate that you are alive and if you want to enjoy some cake with me because life is to short to spend it obsessing over our bodies."

    Fans were loving the post, as many wished Bella a happy birthday.

    Others also thanked her for reminding them of the message, as one wrote: "I am not at a place in my journey that I easily remember or implement these things, so they’re always wonderful reminders… thank you!"

    The post comes after Bella recently opened up to Daily Star in an exclusive chat about why she strips off online.

    Instead looking for admiration and compliments, Bella told us she is hoping to help people accept their bodies – whatever their size.


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