Influencer takes two snaps seconds apart to show off Instagram-worthy bum

An influencer has been praised for her latest upload on social media.

Georgie Clarke boasts 725,000 followers on Instagram where fans appreciate her no-nonsense attitude.

She often shares snaps taken seconds apart to prove a point – and this one is no different.

Posting earlier this week, Georgie shared a couple of photos along with an explanation to both of them.

Her caption read: "Both bums are Instagram worthy.

"These photos are taken seconds apart from each other, the only difference is that one is ready for the camera and one isn't.

"It's easy to have that negative self talk come in when you see a picture of yourself sitting from behind that you weren’t ready for."

She added: "But I'm here to tell you that that's just what bums look when they aren't posed.

"On the left: I'm leaning forward, arching my back, touching the wall for balance and on my top toes while breathing in and tensing.

"On the right: I'm relaxed.

"Even though on Instagram you see the left picture a lot, it's a posed image which isn't realistic or true to what my body actually looks like when I'm unposed."

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Georgie went onto tell fans to not be "fooled" by those bum pictures as it's easy for influencers to cleverly pose a shot like that.

Since she shared the snap, it racked up over 27,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One wrote: "Love both," another added: "You're awesome Georgie."

A third commented: "Thank you for this," while a fourth praised: "Preach."

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