Influencer told ‘get a real job’ after losing swanky flat due to rent increase

An influencer was roasted for complaining about her rent being increased.

Bella Varelis was forced to leave her flat in Sydney after her landlord hiked the rental agreement by $400 AUD (£218) a week.

In an Instagram Story shared with her 109,000 followers, she claimed: “Not moving because I want to, but my owner never fixed anything in this place and then tried to put the rent up by £400 a week so it was a hard no for me.

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“The only good thing about this place was thee view; the dishwasher was broken, fly screens were broken, top lock on the door broken, oven had no symbols on the dials for temperature or the balcony door never closed properly.

“Was actually horrible but served a purpose in my life the last year.”

Sadly, the 28-year-old didn’t get the sympathetic response she was expecting though.

Bella, who found fame on The Bachelor in 2020, was criticised by some who pointed out she’s more privileged than others.

Some believe she should move out of Vaucluse, which is a notoriously expensive suburb of Sydney.

One joked: “Wow I can’t believe her oven had no symbols, pure torture.”

Another said: “She could leave out West within her means. Not many people, even without this inflation, could afford Vaucluse.”

A third agreed: “Not to mention it’s Vaucluse, move somewhere cheaper.”

A fourth wrote: "Feed full of designer bags as if she's rich but then can't even afford the rent."

And another suggested: "So influencing doesn't pay that much. Maybe a real job would be handy."

Despite the backlash, some sprang to Bella's defence as they could relate to her situation.

One said: "No one is immune from the cost of living crisis and rental crisis, we are all suffering right now. Those prices are absolutely insane and abhorrent."

And another agreed: “Rental increases are so bad! It’s shocking that the government doesn’t care or put caps on increases.”


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