Inside Saffron Barker’s home including cinema and huge dressing room

Strictly Come Dancing and YouTube star Saffron Barker may only be 22, but she's already the owner of a pretty impressive mansion that is worth over £1 million.

She began posting to YouTube as a teenager, and now has over 2.48 million subscribers who tune into her channel weekly to watch videos about her life.

Due to her hard work, Saffron has able to purchase the Brighton house two years ago, and has since renovated the whole place to suit her exact tastes.

She told her YouTube followers, "Every little detail about this house I love".

Let's take a look inside the property…

The open plan kitchen and living room

When Saffron purchased the property there were separate kitchen and lounge spaces, but she decided to open up the entire ground floor to create one big room. She opted for a neutral colour scheme and puts the decision down to her love of, "Scandinavian houses."

The kitchen has white hardware, a marble worktop, a large breakfast bar and wicker stools. Saffron particularly enjoys her sparkling water tap, which she calls the "coolest thing ever". Although, she doesn't love the beverage herself, her guests do!

A pop of colour is injected into the room through two cushions on her comfortable sofa, which are imprinted with Ibiza and Tulum. Although Saffron admits she has never been to the second destination but "really wants to go".

The two halves of the room are separated by a roaring fireplace.

In the often section of the space is a white marble dining table. While Saffron is eating her meals she can look out onto her garden through the floor to ceiling windows and French doors.

Another standout feature of the home is the staircase, which Saffron says is "the wow factor of the house."

She added, "I genuinely don't feel like the house would look anywhere near as nice if it wasn't for this staircase."

The cinema room

Saffron doesn't even have to leave her home to have the cinema experience, due to this special room.

Behind a secret door, next to her dining table, is the special space filled with black recliner chairs, mood lighting and a projector.

She's also lucky enough to have a Tango Ice Blast machine – a drink typically associated with the cinema. The beverage maker is located in her utility room.

The master bathroom

Saffron may live alone but this hasn't stopped her having double of everything. She has two showers and two sinks, so she can switch up which one she uses daily.

An added feature of the bathroom is a laundry chute, which goes straight down to her utility.

The master bedroom

Saffron's bedroom is currently rather empty, aside from the four-poster super king bed.

Although, she doesn't plan on it staying this way as she wants to add bedside tables and decorative cushions. "It's a work in progress," she explained.

The walk-in wardrobe

Any fashion lover likely fantasises of having their own walk-in wardrobe one day, and for Saffron that dream has become a reality.

The star has a room filled with rails and draws of her clothes, and has displayed her favourite accessories.


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