ITV I’m A Celeb’s most dangerous challenges – from abseiling to Celebrity Cyclone

ITV's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has made a comeback. The star-studded line-up includes the likes of Nella Rose, Josie Gibson, Danielle Harold and Marvin Humes, to name a few.

While the celebrities compete for stars to win food for themselves and their campmates, this year's contestants are set to face a host of new, and dangerous, trials.

Experts at I'm Insured have looked at past trials, including those from Gwrych Castle which was used during the pandemic to see which ones put the celebs most at risk. They used the HASpod risk assessment calculator to rank the safety of the trials, looking at how unpredictable they are and the chance and seriousness of injury.

Here's how the trials stack up in terms of danger…

1. The Abseil: Risk – Very high 6.22/10

In 2020 the abseiling trial was the first one the celebs had to do. Radio DJ Jordan North even threw up at the top of the cliff before it started! This trial can be risky because the equipment could fail while the campmate is up there.

The celeb could fall, which could be fatal but there's other hazards such as being hit by falling equipment or rocks falling could be dangerous too.

This all makes abseiling the deadliest trials on the show.

2. Sub-merged: Risk – Medium 3.67/10

Sub-merged comes in at the second most risky trial which is when a campmate is locked in a water-filled container along with other critters.

This challenge features in the show when it was filmed in Australia.

If this one does go ahead then contestants are at risk of drowning, 'swimmer's ear' and underwater critter bites.

3. Viper Vault: Risk – Medium 3.44/10

Jordan North and Shane Ritchie took part in Viper Vault in 2020 when they were locked underground with multiple snakes.

This is the one fans will remember when Jordan coined his iconic phrase 'Turf Moor Happy Place'.

Being buried comes with its own risks but also the snakes themselves could bite or strangle the contestant.

4. Celebrity Cyclone: Risk – Medium 3.33/10

Celebrity Cyclone is the trial that all super fans wait for each year.

The remaining celebrities dress up at super heroes and try and make their way across the slippery assault course while being hit by balls and even more water.

Despite probably not causing a fatality, there is risk of people hurting themselves like John Barrowman did in 2018 when he injured his ankle.

5. Fill Your Face: Risk – Low 2.67/10

The 'Fill Your Face' challenge involves celebs wearing a plastic container on their heads while creepy crawlies are poured in. Celebs like Emily Atack and Lady C have famously taken part in this trial. Although it's not very risky, there can be minor issues like bug bites or blocked noses, like when athlete Fatima Whitbread had to flush out a cockroach from her nose.

6. Frightening Feast: Risk – Low 2.33/10

The 'Frightening Feast' is one of the most famous challenges on I'm A Celeb, where contestants have to eat unusual foods. It's a must-watch for viewers, even though it can be quite gross with items like kangaroo testicles and fermented eggs. The show takes hygiene very seriously, but there's always a small risk that some items might not be cleaned properly and could contain bacteria or worms.

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