‘Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth,’ Mockumentary Comedy Set for November 4th Release

High Octane Pictures’ “Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth,” an absurd mockumentary about a famous sign spinner, is set for digital release on November 4th. The film stars comedians David Koechner, Greg Proops, Phil LaMarr, Lang Parker and Kym Whitley.

Following the murky life of famed sign spinner Izzy Lyon, the film picks up twenty years since Lyon mysteriously disappeared, and a group of fervent fans seek to reunite in order to uncover the truth behind the celebrity’s disappearance. The group of fans investigate Lyon’s life in detail, from his early 80’s rise to his late 90’s downfall, in the process discovering a portrait of a flawed individual that they’ve worshipped blindly in the past. Anti-Izzy adversaries are said to be working to exclude Lyon from the Spinternational Hall of Fame, which is followers must reckon with throughout the film.

LaMarr plays a character named Marcus Lyons, Koechner plays Antoine St. Poupon, Proops plays Brian Culero, Parker plays Mary-Ellen Bower, Whitley plays Rhonda Jackson Lyon and Larry Fuller plays the titular character. Additional cast on the film include Jeff Bryan Davis, Bruce Baum, John Copeland, Llana Baron and more.

The mockumentary is co-directed by Dan Lanigan and Mehran Togorey, additionally co-creating the story alongside Baron, who plays a role in the film as well. Barron produces alongside Kody Frederick, while Lanigan, Togorey, Barron and Andy Klimzack are credited with writing on the film.

The film first premiered virtually during Filmocracy Fest in December 2020, which was followed by a Q&A with its filmmakers. The mockumentary will be available on digital platforms on November 4th.

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