Jennifer Garner’s Pumpkin Cleaning Hack Will Have You Carving Jack-o’-Lanterns (And Roasting Pumpkin Seeds) In No Time

Pumpkin carving is all fun and games until you realize you have to scoop all the guts out from the inside — and that’s literally step number one. Luckily, there’s an easier way to clean out the inside of a pumpkin so you can get to jack-o’-lantern carving (and pumpkin seed roasting) a lot faster. According to Jennifer Garner, all you need is a hand mixer.

“Spoiler alert: the hand mixer hack works!” Garner captioned an October 23 Instagram post. As Garner shows in her video, all you have to do is plug in your hand mixer, cut open the top of your pumpkin, and get to mixing!

The hand mixer loosens up all of those fleshy strings inside so all you have to do is scoop everything out and rinse the seeds.

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Garner tagged Babs of the @BrunchWithBabs Instagram page to give credit where it’s due. Babs not only shared the hand mixer hack but she also gave her followers a breakdown of how to carve the perfect pumpkin with minimal effort.

“It is a treasured tradition in our family to carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. But with all the yuck and mess, sometimes my kids would quit the project before we even started,” Babs wrote in the caption of her October 19 post. “Babs’ Do’s and Don’ts for Pumpkin Carving, saves the mess and speeds up carving with no mess and no fuss.”

With tips like “carve from the bottom,” “use dry-erase markers to draw your design,” “cover cut surfaces in Vaseline,” and “sprinkle cinnamon on the inside of the pumpkin to make it smell nice,” Babs has truly mastered the art of pumpkin carving.

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So before you pull a muscle trying to remove the insides from your pumpkin, do as Garner and Babs do and pull out the hand mixer. Work smarter, not harder, this Halloween!

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