Kate 'won't hold out an olive branch' to Prince Harry for Christmas

Kate’s relationship with Prince Harry is so broken that she ‘won’t hold out an olive branch’ in time for Christmas, royal expert claims

  • Kate is said to be deeply upset following a string of personal attacks by Harry
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They were once as close as brother and sister, but Kate’s relationship with Prince Harry is so broken that she won’t be the one to ‘hold out an olive branch’ in time for Christmas, according to a royal expert.

Kate, 41, has previously taken on the role of a mediator within the Royal Family, notably bringing her husband Prince William, 41, and Prince Harry, 39, together after Prince Phillip’s funeral in 2021.

However, it appears the current situation is proving to be more complex following a string of ‘brutal’ personal attacks unleashed by Harry in his memoir Spare.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond told Fabulous: ‘Catherine has played the peacemaker in the past and has brought William and Harry together, and I think that comes from her own family, and their values.

‘But I think she has got to a stage whereby she has had to take a step back. Things have gone too far, and she feels upset and, quite frankly, hurt and insulted.’

The Princess of Wales pictured at a mental fitness workshop, held at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Marlow, on October 12, is too ‘hurt’ by Prince Harry to play the role of peacemaker ahead of Christmas, royal expert Jennie Bond says 

Prince Harry, pictured at the United States F1 Grand Prix, said in his memoir Spare that Kate and William seemed cold towards Meghan when they first met her, and detailed his wife’s row with her sister-in-law over bridesmaids dresses 

In Harry’s bombshell book, which was released in January, he detailed a number of allegations against members of the Royal Family.

He also claimed there were signs of discord between his future wife and sister-in-law when Meghan, 42, was introduced into royal life – explaining how both women were left in tears during the infamous bridesmaid dress row in 2018.

Despite the time that has passed, Ms Bond says the relationship between the three royals hasn’t improved and she doesn’t expect a family reconciliation in time for Christmas. 

She explained that in addition to feeling hurt about the details of the bridesmaid dress debacle being discussed in public, Kate was upset by Harry saying Meghan found Kate and her husband a bit ‘cold’ when they first met.

Prince William, Kate, Meghan and Prince Harry pictured attending a Christmas Day church service at Sandringham in 2018 before the foursome fell out 

The BBC’s former royal correspondent added that Kate is known for her warm public persona and for doling out hugs and taking selfies on royal engagements.

In a further blow to Kate’s trust, Harry detailed how Meghan asked to borrow a lip-gloss from the Princess ahead of their appearance at the first Royal Foundation Forum Summit in 2018.

He writes that Kate was surprised, but rummaged around in her bag before offering it to Meghan.  

Harry went on to claim that Meghan applied a little gloss to her finger, and rubbed it across her lips, before Kate made a ‘disgusted’ face.

Elsewhere, he revealed a number of tense situations involving the two women, including the moment the Princess of Wales dismissed Meghan’s remedies for a common cold at the dinner table.

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