KFC fans amazed after discovering restaurant’s mashed potato is made from powder

KFC fans were horrified when an employee showed how they made the franchise's mashed potatoes.

Mo, who works at the American fast-food chain, posted a video to expose how workers prepare some of the restaurant's best-selling dishes in the kitchen.

First, she grabs a stainless steel tub and fills three quarters of hot water.

She then opens a packet of "KFC One-Step Potato Mix" powder into the water and stirs it until it thickens.

After a while, the water and powder mixture transforms into mashed potato which is then all ready to be served with the famous gravy sauce.

While many KFC fans were not surprised to see restaurants using powder mix to cook up food in a time-efficient way, some were sceptical of the food they were served at the chain.

One said: "I always thought there are people peeling potatoes at the back in the kitchen…I guess I'm wrong."

Another commented: "No, I hate this. I believe there are real potatoes."

A third wrote: "People criticising but grocery stores sell instant mashed potatoes and gravy packets. It's easier for fast food places to use these types of methods."

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One former KFC worker also commented: "They are just dehydrated mashed potatoes. It's fast food after all."

While most customers could relate to the potato mix to the instant ones from supermarkets, they were shocked when they found out how the workers make the famous gravy sauce.

Fans admitted their stomachs turned when they found out the "crackling" that went into the brown sauce.

A documentary of Inside KFC at Christmas on Channel 4 revealed the crackling – which is essentially leftover chicken scraps from the fryer – was added to a powder mix before it turned to a creamy, rich dip sauce.

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