Lizzo samples gross new TikTok trend: mustard on watermelon

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TikTok’s latest trend hit a sour note with Lizzo.

The flute extraordinaire was none too impressed after trying the latest social media craze, which involves eating a watermelon slice slathered in French’s mustard. A video of the Grammy Winner’s revolting taste test currently boasts over 21.9 million views on the platform.

The serial twerker was reportedly inspired to try the seemingly discordant combo after seeing a clip by TikTok user @yayayayummy, who describes the “tangy, vinegary” mustard as the perfect pairing to the watermelon’s “sweet juiciness.”

Lizzo’s on-camera culinary foray begins with her watching a snippet from @yayayayummy’s food review, before reluctantly selecting a whole watermelon from her fridge. The video then cuts to the songwriter sitting somewhat apprehensively before a plate of the sliced fruit.

#stitch with @yayayayummy ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin 🤭

“Welcome to ‘is it buzzing or is it disgusting,’ ” remarks Lizzo — whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson — as she drizzles a wedge of melon with the spicy condiment and takes a bite.

The clip concludes with the Michigan native scrunching her face up in disgust, apparently unimpressed with the puke-inducing ingredient speedball.

It appears that for the time being, the “Juice” singer is content to stick to champagne showers and 10-day juice cleanses.

This isn’t the first TikTok food challenge to elicit gags among the masses. The video platform depicts oddball epicures partaking in everything from munching cereal out of each other’s beards to dipping their testicles in soy sauce to see if they can taste it.

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