Love Island girls show genius micellar hack that turns the liquid into a foam

Apart from the romance and drama, if there’s one thing the Love Island girls are giving us it’s some genius beauty hacks.

The latest top beauty tip from the villa involves the girls’ go-to makeup remover, the Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Micellar Water Sensitive Skin,£16.10 here, and a cotton pad.

In Sunday night’s episode, Jess Harding can be seen adding the micellar water to a cotton wool pad, before holding the pad over her mouth and blowing through it, with the liquid instantly turning into a thick bubbling foam instead as the other girls exclaim “That’s how you’re supposed to do it apparently!”

Once the micellar water has been transformed into a foam, Jess applies it to her face, with the product going much further than it would when left as a liquid.

The hack itself has been around since last year, although some Twitter users were still baffled by the trick, with one writing: “What was the blowing/foam cleanser thing they were using on love island??”, with another Twitter user replying explaining: “It's how you're supposed to use micellar cleansing water, put it on a cotton pad, hold against your mouth and blow and it all foams up.” To which the original user replied: “Mind blown!”

To do the trick at home, you simply apply a generous amount of your micellar water of choice to a cotton wool pad – the Love Island girls can’t get enough of Bioderm’s,£16.10 here, then flip your cotton wool pad over and gently blow into the other side of it.

The micellar water should then create thick, foamy bubbles that you can then apply as a foaming cleanser to your face to help break down oils, dirt, and makeup and leave your skin clean.

The hack is also meant to be a much gentler way of using the product, as it helps break down the impurities on your skin without leaving your skin feeling stripped and scrubbed, with the foam also supposedly helping to get even deeper into your pores for a more thorough clean.

Although some say this is technically how micellar water was meant to be used, you don’t need to turn your water into a foam, as the product should work just the same when left in its original liquid state, however; there’s no denying it’s a fun little hack to try out.

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