Man asks how he can ‘kick ghost’s a**’ after it terrorises him for 3 weeks

A man has asked for advice on how to 'kick a ghost's a**', saying it has been terrorising him for three weeks.

The unnamed person took to social media site Reddit to share his dilemma.

He said that he is fed up of the ghost in his house constantly banging the wall and turning his power off in the middling of a game – calling the ghost an "a*****e."

The man asked other social media users if they had any ideas on how to solve his paranormal problem.

He fumed: "I want to kick this ghost a**. How can I get it to f**k off?

"It's been three weeks since I moved here and it keeps banging on the wall and has turned my power off multiple times while I was in the middle of a game."

The Reddit user continued: "I know no one will think I'm serious, but I never dealt with a ghost until now and I want them out of my house.

"Is there a way to fix this? The ghost obviously is an a*****e on purpose."

A lot of fellow social media users seemed to find the situation amusing as they gave quirky advice.

One replied: "Cover your fists in holy water and start swinging."

While another added: "Shoot yourself in the foot and then use the ghost of your foot to kick it's a**."

A third chimed in: "Adopt a ghost dog to maul any wood-be trespassers.:

However, the story wasn't finished there.

The original poster gave his fellow Reddit users an update, unfortunately saying the ghost had gotten even louder.

They wrote: "It's gotten louder. The loser is so loud I can hear it through my headphones.

"I can't figure out where exactly it's coming from because when I try to listen to it in silence the a*****e pretends not to be around.

"I keep telling it to f**k off and I have turned off all of the lights in order to challenge it."

The Reddit user continued: "The coward never tries to face me, only tries to annoy me.

"It's a matter of time before I destroy this b*****d one way or another."

Eek, sounds like he needs to get the Ghostbusters on the case.

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