Man tells woman she'd be 'perfect' if she lost seven pounds

Man tells woman she’d be ‘perfect’ if she lost seven pounds and says he hopes she doesn’t ‘take offence’ to his advice because he’s a personal trainer

  • Therapist Katie Lacie, believed to be from the US, shares dating stories online
  • Dater likes to re-enact conversations she had on Tinder and Bumble on TikTok 
  • Revealed man who was personal trainer said would look ‘perfect’ if lost weight 

A social media influencer has revealed how a personal trainer told her she’d be ‘perfect’ if she lost seven pounds. 

Katie Lacie, believed to be from the US, has built a strong TikTok following by sharing her experiences of talking to men on dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder. 

The therapist likes to re-enact and mock the entitled suitors who write to her on the dating apps – including those who insist they only date blondes to others who list everything she’s done wrong on a date. 

One of the latest examples was a personal trainer, who she did not name, who awkwardly told her she would look better if she lost weight, before propositioning her with sex.

The young woman re-enacted the interaction with the man from the dating app – before being applauded by her social media followers for the witty way in which she responded to the callous comments.  

Katie Lacie, believed to be from the US, is a therapist who shares her dating experiences on TikTok. She posted an interaction with a man who told her she needed to lose weight 

Katie, pictured, had the perfect answer to the clueless man who thought he could comment on her weight

In the video uploaded to TikTok, Katie explained how the potential love interest messaged her saying: ‘You would be perfect if you lost like seven pounds.’ 

To soften the blow he added ‘you’re very pretty,’ however understandably, this did not help his case. 

When Katie responded with ‘what?’ he replied again, explaining that he didn’t mean to offend her and worked as a personal trainer. 

‘Oh ok, phew! I was offended until I knew you had the credentials to body-shame me,’ she wittily responded. 

The man told Katie she was ‘very pretty’ and would look perfect if she shed the weight. After he told her he was a personal trainer, Katie sarcastically said it was a good thing he had the credentials to comment on her weight 

Unsure how to take the last comment, the man asked: ‘We’re good, right? to which Katie answered: ‘Of course. You were just giving constructive criticism.’

Failing to see his awkward remark had not had the reaction he’d hoped for, the man said: ‘Exactly! Glad we’re on the same page.’

The conversation went on, with Katie counter-attacking with: ‘You would be perfect if you were a different person.’

When the personal trailer failed to see where she was coming from, she added: ‘Don’t worry, I’m a therapist. I have the credentials to recognize poor character.’ 

Katie sarcastically said the personal trainer was giving her ‘constructive criticism’ but he failed to see she was annoyed and replied ‘glad we’re on the same page’ 

Katie turned the tables on the man and said she had the credentials to recognize ‘poor character’ which he was offended about

After failing to pick up on Katie’s sarcasm and annoying, the man tried to proposition her with sex 

Katie, pictured, said she had the credentials to recognize the man’s poor character during their interaction 

‘That’s no way to talk to a man,’ the trainer retorted, with Katie replying: Oh, I’m sorry, I only saw a boy here.’

Amazingly, the clueless dating app user failed to see his attempt to woo Katie had completely failed, and wrote: ‘I know a way you can make it up to me and also lose the weight.’

This was the last straw for Katie, who ended the conversation then and there. 

The exchange gathered a lot of reaction online after Katie shared the video, with one writing: ‘What an absolute tool.

Another commented: ‘Honestly that’s a great way to talk to a man,’ while a third wrote: ‘That personal trainer should never interact with a client like ever, from an actual good PT.’

A fourth added: ‘Tell him queen,’ while a further penned: ‘Worst nightmare, but you handled that like a pro, therapists are the best.’

Elsewhere, a further wrote: ‘Sad how they want to start out by lowering your self-esteem because they knew the girl is out of their league.’

People applauded Katie for the way she handled the conversation with the man, and said he was a ‘tool’

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