Mark Zero Waste Week with tiny tweaks that can really make a difference

ARE you wasting time, effort and money?

Around 9.5million tons of food is wasted every year in the UK and sadly, while that figures dipped during the lockdowns, we have now returned to old ways.

It is currently Zero Waste Week so I wanted to make sure you know about these tiny tweaks that can really make a difference.

CHECK YOUR FRIDGE: A fridge clearout is not only a chance to use up what is in there and needs eating up, it is also a good time to make sure you have the temperature set correctly.

Too warm or too cold and food will spoil more quickly.

Take time to carefully arrange the contents of your fridge so you can see everything and get at it easily.

Wilko has a great range of storage items including a clear fridge/freezer bin for just £2.25.

SET A LEFTOVERS NIGHT: Once a week, pull out all you have left and get creative.

Some Saver families do a veggie soup night, some do an “odds ’n’ ends” tea.

Veggie pasta sauce is a great one to batch-cook (see Sun columnist The Batch Lady on YouTube).

GO TEA TOTAL: Tea drinker?

Make sure you are using compostable tea bags such as Aldi’s Specially Selected ones, which are biodegradable and cost just 75p a box.

Old coffee grinds can be used as compost.

USE EVERY BIT: Cut leftover broccoli stems into pasta — or spiralize — to bulk it out.

Any leaves from the top of veg can be chucked into a salad, and use leftover lettuce and greens in a homemade pesto.

I love crispy potato skins.

After peeling your spuds for mash, roast them with salt and herbs for a few minutes as a tasty snack.

GROW YOUR OWN: Grow your own carrot top leaves by putting the cut-off head of a carrot in a bowl of water on your windowsill.

YouTube has plenty of how-to videos.

It’s easy to grow herbs and after a few months you will save about £1 a time on buying new plants.

  • Prices on this page correct at time of going to press. Deals and offers subject to availability.

Deal of the day

SHARE Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps for £1.25 at Asda. Were £1.99.

SAVE: 74p

Cheap treat

SLURP on a 1.35l bottle of Cloudy Apple Copella juice for £2 at Tesco with a Clubcard. Usual price is £3.

SAVE: £1

What’s new?

LOOK out for the hazelnut flavour Wispa Gold, now in all major supermarkets for 69p – and also available from I can confirm they taste incredible!

Top swap

GRAB a Domino’s 11.5in Cheeseburger pizza for £18.99 . . .  or tuck into Morrisons’ 10in Dirty Burger pizza with onion rings, smoky bacon, cheese, spicy beef, jalapenos and burger sauce for just £2.89.

Don’t waste any leftovers – you can freeze any you don’t eat for a tasty snack later on.

SAVE: £16.01

Giselle’s Little Helper

ICELAND keeps adding to its Chip Shop range.

The latest arrival is Curry Crinkle Chips. They are going down a storm on social media and at just £1.50 for a 900g pack, why not give them a try?

Shop & save

TREAT little ones to In The Night Garden Large Fun Sounds Igglepiggle, RRP £14.99 but just £9.99 at Home Bargains.

SAVE: £5

Hot right now

PLAYING McDonald’s Monopoly game? The cheapest meal is the discounted Big Flavour Wrap at £3.59.

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