McDonald’s worker shares ‘truths’ of chain – like signs order’s been ‘forgotten’

A person who is claiming to be a McDonald’s employee has shared some "truths" about the fast food joint.

The anonymous McDonald’s worker, from the US, often shares behind the scenes snippets of the popular restaurant to their 3,000 TikTok followers.

In a clip that has now racked up a whopping 3.7 million views, the supposed employee has revealed the item that takes the longest to cook – and how to know when your order has been "forgotten" about.

The supposed employee from a US branch claimed: “If you are asked to wait longer than 10 minutes, they have forgotten about you.

“The longest cook time is a chicken sandwich at seven minutes, including bagging.

“If it takes them more than three minutes to hand the bag to you, they forgot about you.”

In the comments, many people backed up the supposed worker and their claims.

One person commented: “I worked in maccies for almost two years. This is true most of the time. There is the odd case whoever’s on the chicken side didn’t put enough in, when they ran out to accommodate. But it’s not often.”

Another user added: “Truth, if everyone else around you is getting your orders – and you haven’t ordered anything veggie, which usually takes longer – then we just forgot.”

A third person voiced: “I used to work in Mcdonald’s and I’m not gonna lie, the amount of times someone asked me something, I said I’d be right with them and never was.”

Someone else shared: “Literally happened. The girl ran out to me and said ‘sorry we forgot about you’. Got my order fresh and correct.”

However, people also claiming to be employees at the fast food chain were not entirely convinced about the confessions in the clip.

One user said: “If it takes longer than 10 minutes, it means we are busy. It’s not often we forget customers.”

A second claimed: “Um, are we forgetting the countless orders ahead of them?”

Another wrote: “I work in food service and this is NOT it. The reason for the long wait is because we got slammed and you’re impatient.”

And, a fourth person expressed: “How do they forget when it’s on a computer screen?”

Daily Star have contacted McDonald’s for comment.

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