McDonald's workers' 'dream proposal' branded 'embarrassing'

McDonald’s worker is branded  ’embarrassing’ for proposing to his girlfriend on the dancefloor of cheesy nightclub Popworld at 1am

  • Dan Ormrod, 22, proposed to Jess Williams, 21, at Popworld in Liverpool
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A ‘dream proposal’ has been branded ’embarrassing’ online after a man dropped to one knee on the dancefloor of Popworld nightclub at 1am.

Jess Williams and her colleague Dan Ormrod had been together for two years when the the smitten 22-year-old got down on one knee at the Liverpool brand of the cheesy nighclub chain – once voted the worst in the UK. 

But 21-year-old Jess claims that her decision to share the video online last Sunday turned their dream location into a ‘hate scene’ as people mercilessly mocked her new fiance’s choice of time and location. 

The clip shows the loved-up pair dancing to ‘their song’ – Taylor’s Swift’s Love Story – while surrounded by friends and fellow clubbers at Popworld in Liverpool.

Dan drops to one knee in time with the pop star’s lyric ‘fell to the ground and pulls out a ring’ then asks Jess to marry him while the crowd cheers.

McDonald’s workers Dan Ormrod, 22, and Jess Williams, 21, got engaged at Popworld nightclub in Liverpool

Dan got down on one knee and proposed to Jess on the dancefloor of the club , surrounded by friends and fellow clubbers 

An unknown bride-to-be at a hen party even puts a veil on Jess’s head as she stands stunned with her hands covering her mouth before finally nodding to say yes.

The video captioned ‘the best night of my life’ has been seen more than 300,000 times but some have branded it ’embarrassing’ because of the setting.

Located up and down the country in cities including London, Leeds and Birmingham, Popworld nightclubs were once voted the worst in the UK in a national student survey.

Today the clubs have a reputation for cheesy music, extremely drunken revellers and sticky floors. 

One person even claimed they’d ‘run away and never look back’ while another joked Dan had ‘probably got stuck to the floor’ while kneeling.

Jess has hit back claiming the proposal was the ‘perfect moment’ and revealed the pair’s first night out was in Popworld and she’d even told him she’d love him to propose there.

The self-confessed ‘lightweight’ had been on a pub crawl with Dan and friends from 5pm and had to go home shortly after the moment as she was ‘overwhelmed’.

Popworld even commented on the video, shot by a fellow clubber in July, to offer the pair free entry to the club.

Jess, from Bootle, Merseyside, said: ‘It was my dream moment and it’s not like he’s done it out of nowhere.

‘When we’d speak about him proposing I actually said I’d love it if he proposed in Popworld because it’s our place and he actually did.

At the moment that Dan proposed, an unknown bride-to-be who was celebrating her hen party at Popworld placed a veil on Jess’s head 

Jess was stunned by Dan’s proposal, covering her mouth with her hands before nodding to say yes

Jess says Dan had been showing her friends the engagement ring all evening so they knew he’d be popping the question

‘I put it up because it’s a special moment in my life and I wanted to share it.

‘I just wanted Popworld to notice it but I didn’t want the whole world to notice it.

‘Someone reposted it and her video has become a hate scene for my engagement.

‘People were questioning why it was in Popworld and saying the floor’s sticky but isn’t that every nightclub when you go out?

‘It upset me a little bit so I turned off the comments because I didn’t want negativity around it.

‘I think people commented because they don’t understand the meaning and they think Dan did it for the fun of it.

‘Love Story has been our song since before we were even together and we’d scream it in the car.

‘When I turned 18 Popworld was the first place that he took me for a night out. So it was our first night out together.

The loved-up couple, who met at McDonald’s two years ago, are yet to set a date for their big day

‘People can have their own opinion of Popworld but I love the music in there and it’s the perfect place for me. The only people it matters to is us.’

Jess says Dan, who is from Walton, Merseyside, had been showing her friends the engagement ring all evening so they knew he’d be popping the question.

She says it was a friend’s birthday night out but Dan had asked if it was alright to steal the limelight.

Jess said: ‘I had no idea it was going to happen. Everyone had their phone so I just thought it would be a cute video. I was drunk as well so I wasn’t thinking.

‘It took me ages to say yes because I had to realise this was actually happening.

‘On the video you can see me looking around and I didn’t mind people looking at me.

‘I went outside and called my family and took it in. I tried to dance but I couldn’t because I was too happy and we ended up going home because I was so overwhelmed by the moment.

‘Within half an hour we were going home so I could process what had just happened.’

Jess gave birth to the couple’s first child, Archie Ormrod, aged one, last year 

The couple received hurtful comments about Dan’s choice of location for the proposal when the video was posted online 

The pair, who met at McDonalds and had Archie Ormrod, one, last year are yet to set a date for their big day.

After sharing the video online, Jess was inundated with commenters mocking their chosen location.

One commented: ‘He probably got stuck to the floor when he got on one knee.’

Another added: ‘Probably knelt down in a mix of sick and someone’s spilled vodka cranberry.’

A third said: ‘I’d make him ask again somewhere nicer.’

Jess replied: ‘It was actually what I really wanted and had a lot of meaning behind it. people who don’t know us wouldn’t understand.’

A fourth simply added: ‘Embarrassing.’

However not everyone agreed and some thought it was romantic.

One said: ‘This makes me cry. I’m so happy for you both.

Another said: ‘We were the girls who gave you the veil haha. Congrats xx’

Popworld have been contacted for comment.

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