Miley Cyrus mourns the death of her dog Mary Jane

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Miley Cyrus’ dog, Mary Jane, has died.

The “Malibu” singer paid tribute to her late pet with a video montage of photos of them together set to a song she wrote for her dog, titled, “Mary Jane 5EVR.”

“Music is my medicine,” Cyrus, 28, captioned the video. “This song revolves around loss & heartache. Which I am currently experiencing after Mary Jane’s passing.”

The former “Hannah Montana” star called MJ a “true queen,” adding, “To know her is to love her. It has been my honor being her mom and best friend.”

Cyrus shared on her Instagram Stories that the rescued pit bull mix was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and since then had “multiple types [of cancer] and tumors.”

“I was told it’d be an uncertain amount of time until she’s gone,” she wrote. “Advised to spend every second savoring her special spirit … which wasn’t anything new.”

The singer also said that in life it is easy to take things for granted, but when it came to her “angel” Mary Jane “never once did I forget the gift I had been given.”

Cyrus spent 10 years with her beloved pet, sharing that she “thanked her repeatedly as she took her last breath for who and what she has been to me.”

“She has come to my rescue every time my heart has broken,” Cyrus added. “Put me back together again.”

In October, Cyrus shared a funny story about Mary Jane, claiming that the pooch once licked “something” and got her in a bit of trouble.

“My dog’s a freak, I’ll say that,” the pop star said, later adding, “I had to send a vinyl record player to this human that got … my dog did something very wrong. I had to send an apology gift!”

Several fans and celebs sent their condolences to Cyrus on Thursday, and her brother, Trace Cyrus, commented, “honored to have spent the holidays with her.”

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