Model bullied over looks transforms herself with £20k of plastic surgery

A stunning Instagram model has revealed that she spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery after being bullied at school.

Céline Centino, 26, from Switzerland, who has 319,000 followers @ccentino, decided that she wanted to change the way she looked as a young teen.

She has since spent a small fortune on nose and boob jobs – and now earns money due to her “sex object” appearance.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Céline said: “I decided very early that I wanted to change my look.

“I was very unhappy with myself – when I looked in the mirror I felt so ugly and wanted to cry, I felt trapped in my body."

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She continued: “In school I was bullied every day, they said stupid thing to me like ‘you look like a boy’ or that my nose was so big.”

“I didn’t had any friends in school and I didn't want to go to school anymore.

“But I always tried to act strong as if I didn't mind the insults, because I didn't want to cause problems for my family.”

Since she turned 19, Céline has been having lip filler every six months alongside other injectables.

The blonde beauty explained: “My favourite cosmetic treatment is lip injections, I think my face looks so much better with bigger lips."

She explained: “I also have fillers in my cheeks, chin, jawline and under the eyes to stop dark circles.

“The Injections cost between £330 and £2477 each time.”

Céline has also has three boob jobs, the first cost £3715, the second £4540 and the final augmentation – which used XXL implants – cost £5780.

And, the 26-year-old paid for it all herself because it’s “always been [her] wish”.

She explained: “I always saved money, I never went clubbing before and I didn't buy the newest clothes so I could save as much money as possible."

Celine continued: “I worked as a hairdresser and didn't really make a lot of money so I had to save every penny.

“Now, I make money because of my looks and my life is good…

“My eyes are my favourite feature, they were always the only thing I really liked about myself without any surgery.”

But, she does plan on having more surgery in the future, though not for a little while.

The model added: “I want to make my boobs a little bit smaller and to look more natural, but at this point I feel so good in my body and I’m really happy.

“Something I never would have believed.”

The curvy babe has been single for the last seven years – but claims men definitely like her for more than her looks.

She said: “I think that my appearance is what men like – I get a lot of confirmation – it’s through my appearance that I am seen as a sex object, but when men get to know me better they know that I am not just that.”

And, her friends and family agree as Céline claims that her surgeries have changes her looks but not who she is inside.

The model added: “They are happy when I am happy.”

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