Model who ‘cried for days’ after vile online death threats now makes £2m a year

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A British OnlyFans model has revealed the chilling death threats she was sent by online trolls, but she had the last laugh after making over £2million a year.

The stunning 33-year-old claimed that she’s sent hate messages and threats every single day due to her work on the raunchy subscription site.

Bonnie Locket, from Surrey, began sharing sexy content on TikTok and Instagram to gain more followers for her OnlyFans account.

But, this attracted negative comments and she was inundated with vile threats.

The beauty, who has over 3million followers, said: "I have had people tell me they want me to die and they think I should kill myself.

“The abuse started almost as soon as I began posting on TikTok – the level of hate I receive on a daily basis is disgusting.”

Bonnie added: “There have been plenty of times where I’ve had to stop filming and ended up crying to my fiancé about it all.

“To get noticed and drive people to my OnlyFans I post fairly provocative stuff but it’s nothing outrageous and it doesn't go against guidelines."

Bonnie admits that the abuse has taken a toll on her mental wellbeing – and she used to “bite back” at trolls but found this caused her anxiety.

She said: “Sometimes I replied to them but it didn't help, if anything it’s what they wanted.

“Getting abuse online is really hard; after one TikTok video I ended up spending three days in bed crying because of what people were saying.

“I was shocked by how young some of the trolls are too, they are actually children telling me to die and calling me ugly."

Bonnie, who earns £150,000 a month on OnlyFans wants social media platforms to do more to prevent online bullying.

She said: “I used to feel very hurt by it all but I've had to learn to ignore the trolls and just let the comments go over my head.

"I also wanted to get myself to the top to shut them up and prove to myself that I could do it – I am good at my job and I am making a lot of money from what I do."

But, she believes that the trolls are the ones who need help.

She said: “They [the trolls] are the damaged ones.

“I actually feel sorry for them now because they must not be very happy people, their comments say much more about them than me.

“I am secure, happy and incredibly content with my life and not out looking to hurt anyone or bring anyone down."

Bonnie added: “The trolling is still bad now but for every negative comment I get supportive ones, too.

“Every time I open Instagram or TikTok there’s always nasty messages.

“I remind myself that I’m successful, happy and healthy and anybody trying to bring me down must be insecure and unhappy.”

Bonnie has 1m followers on Instagram ( @bonnielocketxox ) and two million supporters on TikTok (@bonnielocketxo).

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