Mum helped daughter get into adult industry but ‘never wants to see her films’

Porn star Ryan Conner has revealed how she helped her daughter Dylan Phoenix to become a professional adult model.

Both Ryan and her daughter Phoenix operate OnlyFans accounts, sharing explicit images and videos with paying subscribers.

Despite her current atypical lifestyle, Ryan grew up in a conservative Jehovah’s Witness community in the US, before eventually moving away from her parents and experimenting with her sexuality more freely.

And, with her daughter growing up around her unusual working life, she has recalled how Dylan told her that she might also want to try a career in porn.

Speaking on the Adult Empire podcast, Ryan described how she had faced the dilemma of her child wanting to follow her footsteps into the adult industry.

Explaining why she accepted her daughter’s decision, the adult star emphasised the importance of the supportive community she had found through her adult work.

“We just have this nice network of family… So I couldn’t deny that to her, I’ve had a great experience with porn. So I recommended her to an agent," she recalled.

Ryan remembered that Dylan then worked as an adult entertainer for two months before stopping for a while when her mother made a comeback, noting: “We’ve had a lot of discussion about why she stopped shooting, and it’s complex.”

Ryan suggested that her daughter had probably found fame too soon, and also struggled to cope with the attention her mother was receiving after she went back into adult work following an extended break to pursue a music career.

She said: “My comeback was big, I didn’t realise how big it was going to be. It never occurred to me how famous I was.

“Maybe I stole some of her thunder, for her… Sometimes when you have a famous parent, it’s hard to come out from their shadow, and have your own light."

And, despite working in the same circles, Ryan did stress, however, that she would never watch or shoot scenes with her daughter involved.

“There are a lot of rules and restrictions regarding real-life family and how they can interact in a scene,” she explained.

“I could not do that. For me with my daughter, I remember the butt that I wiped when she was three.

“I remember my baby and I don’t want to see that.”

“I want her to have a fulfilling sexual life, I want what every parent wants, but at the same time that’s not something that I need to see and be a part of.”

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