Mum shares her ‘life-changing’ hacks that makes food shop a lot easier

A mum-of-four has shared her three all-time best hacks that’ll change your life and make food shopping with kids far easier.

Shannon Doherty has racked up a huge 370,000 following on her TikTok page, @athomewithshannon, thanks to her helpful everyday hacks, recipes and DIY tricks.

Despite posting hundreds of tricks of the trade, Shannon has managed to narrow down her three favorite hacks.

In the video shared on December 2, she begins by explaining how mums can get their children into the trolleys without having to struggle with lifting them.

She simply lifts the back flap for her youngster to crawl in and says it “literally changed my life”.

Her second hack is a simple way to stop children confusing their left and right shoes.

All Shannon does is cut a sticker in half and pop the left half of the sticker in the left shoe and the right in right.

And finally, she reveals how to easily carry your food shop from your car into the home without having to make endless trips back and forth.

The mum simply leaves a couple of laundry baskets in her boot and fills them with the food.

Thousands of people have seen the clip since it was posted, with hundreds of people saying it had changed their lives.

“It amazes me the amount of people that don’t do the shopping cart hack,” one wrote. “Saves my back so much.”

Another commented: “I love these hacks.”

And a third added: “No more breaking our backs to put kids in the cart. Thank you.”

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