‘My big boobs are a burden – people only compliment smaller breasts’

Having a bigger chest is often seen as a 'blessing' – and some women surgically enhance their assets to fit into 'beauty standards'.

However, not everyone feels the same about massive boobs.

The hashtag 'breast reduction' has racked up 1.1billion views on TikTok – where women share their joyful responses to getting their busts decreased.

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With the popularity of smaller breasts booming on social media, some are seeing their large bosoms as a 'burden'.

Dana took to TikTok to slam those who praise women for going under the knife to reduce the size of their bust.

"Do any other girls with big boobs feel depressed when you see those TikToks of before and afters of girls getting breast reductions?" she questioned.

"Because all the comments are like 'omg you're glowing', 'you look so much happier', 'the outfits look so much better' and it just reinforces the lifelong feeling you've had that your big boobs are a burden you should hide and cover out of shame.

"And that they are so out of control that you should get surgery to remove them?

"Like why should I have to cut my body apart?

She continued: "Why can't people just stop oversexualising me and why can't clothes just be made to actually hold my chest properly?

"Not to mention being harassed by my own family for something I cant control.

"And the answer to all this is surgical removal? I refuse."

Dana asked users to not comment about the 'pain' of having a larger chest as she believes that surgery is not the only answer.

"And please don't comment about the pain aspect. I totally understand that but I don’t think surgery is the only answer for back pain from a large chest."

It seemed like Dana was not the only one to have an opinion about the praise related to breast reductions as many bigger boobed women related to how she felt.

One person commented: "Happy for anyone who makes choices for themselves to better their quality of life.

"But I personally love my gargantuan milkers!!"

Another user added: "YES and we don’t talk about how the audience only celebrates the reduction for the greater proximity to thinness."

While a third voiced: "I have bigger shoulders and a wide rib cage. A breast reduction would still leave me with both of those. It’s ok to not want a reduction!"

Someone else said: "People should be able to wear what they want without peoples rude comments. If you don’t want to, you shouldn’t be shamed for it."

However, a fifth expressed: "I didn’t really view it like this, I’ve seen women with big boobs say they come with a lot of back paint and summed it up to that…"

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