My greedy sister has stopped me from seeing our sick mum

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been stopped from seeing my sick mum because my sister and I have fallen out.

I’m a 61-year-old man and when mum first started showing signs of dementia she came to live with me.

I self-furloughed to look after her and mum, who is 85, wanted to top up my salary each month. I discovered my sister had made herself a lasting power of attorney, changed mum’s will and took away her bank card.

Initially, my sister, who is 64, agreed to transfer the money every month but she never made any payments.

When I dropped mum at my sister’s so I could have a break, she accused me of trying to steal mum’s money.

I’ve spoken to social services but as mum is being cared for, they have told me they don’t get involved in family disputes. What can I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m afraid money often brings out the worst in people. As your sister is the lasting power of attorney it would be best to get a lawyer to check everything has been done properly.

Alternatively, if you think your sister would consider reasoning with you, get in touch with National Family Mediation (, 0300 4000 636).

They help families find mediation. Explain you don’t want to live this way and would like to find a compromise.

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