‘My hair fell out in clumps so I made my own hair oil – now I earn millions’

Women’s hair has long been tied to their identity – so what does one do when it starts falling out in huge clumps?

This is precisely what happened to London-based Nosheen Choudry, now 32, when she was only 27 years old.

She struggled for years with alopecia and telogen effluvium – a skin disorder that causes hair to shed from the scalp that saw 50% of her hair fall out, resulting in her battling depression.

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The hair loss had a devastating impact on Nosheen, who was losing hair due to extreme weight loss in a short period of time which caused her body to go into shock, causing telogen effluvium.

But she wasn’t going to let it define her – and now she’s started her own hair oil brand called Nosheen Hair Oil that is set to turn over £2million.

Nosheen exclusively told Daily Star: “Losing my hair had a huge negative impact on my mental health and confidence. I totally lost my self-esteem.

“I felt as if no one understood me and there was no help. I had no one to go to for help as hair loss was not openly spoken about.

“My sisters and family kept me going every day however it did not change the fact that I had lost 50% of my hair which affected me daily night and day.”

Her hair falling out in clumps lasted about a year and it had such a negative effect on her that Nosheen would only leave the house when wearing a hat.

However, her hair started to improve dramatically after trying a home oil recipe that had been passed down through her family over the generations.

“I shut down for a while and excluded myself from the outside world. I started oiling my hair consistently and stuck to my own regime,” she said.

“My mum insisted that I start oiling my hair more often and make this a part of my routine. After consistent oiling and taking care of my hair, I started noticing a difference around the six-month mark.

“During the pandemic, I decided to share the secret recipe with the world. I only imagined the number of people who were suffering hair loss in these tough times and that's when the idea came to me. I wanted to help others who suffered like me.

The incredible improvement in her hair health made Nosheen realise there was a gap in the market for her to sell the oil to help other people improve the quality of their hair.

Even though she had no business experience, the former childcare worker launched Nosheen Hair Oil in September 2020 and invested £700 of her own money to buy the raw ingredients.

While it was a lot of money for her to spend at the time, she only wanted the best ingredients for her product.

Once Nosheen Hair Oil was certified by health regulators, she started posting pictures on Instagram.

And this is when customers started rolling in.

At first, the account only consisted of Nosheen making videos about the hair oil and her own experience but once people started purchasing the product, they started sharing their own testimonials.

Soon, the businesswoman was able to share her customer's before and after photos from using Nosheen Hair Oil, which is priced at £33 per 100ml bottle or £92 for a 300ml bottle.

Eventually, she needed her sister's help to pack orders for her customers. Apart from help from her family, she has had no help financially and no external investors.

The business has been doing so well that she has been able to branch out and sell other items, such as eco-friendly £18 bamboo hair massages, £22 hair brushes, £15 microfibre turbans and £72 silk pillowcases.

It’s safe to say that the business has been a success, as it turned over £1million last year and now they’re expecting to turn over £2million.

Nosheen has now lost count of how many bottles they’ve sold since the brand's inception but she says they’ve sold thousands of bottles around the world since launching.

“The future is looking so exciting. We are launching new products in the near future. We listen to our customers and what it is that they want,” she said.

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who believed in Nosheen Hair oil and to my amazing team who have supported me.”


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