Neighbours delighted as they’re sent sweet note ‘from cranky newborn baby’

As all will know, newborn babies can often get cranky and cry a lot.

And one new mum was so worried her little one was disturbing her neighbours that she sent them a heartwarming note 'from her six-week old baby'.

As well as the note, the neighbours also received chocolate and earplugs as gifts.

One of the touched neighbours took to Facebook to share the apologetic note, from "peanut".

The note said: "Dear neighbour… I am six weeks old. I live with my mum and dad who call me Peanut.

"I'm a very happy baby and love to play, but I get very cranky very fast when I'm hungry (after all who doesn't?)

"Please have some chocolate on me, I'm really sorry if I wake you up at night – see you around. Yours sincerely."

The neighbour said they have no complaints about the newborn though, calling the baby an "angel".

Captioning her online post, she wrote: "The baby is an angel and we have barely heard anything."

She was so thrilled with the note she said she was planning to buy the parents a gift back.

Many other Facebook users were also loving the note as they suggested how she could say thanks to the baby's parents.

One wrote: "This is the cutest. Maybe get them some flowers for mum and dad to say 'congrats'."

While another added: "I would give them a ‘Thank You’ note, congratulate them and give my number to reach out if they need assistance."

Another note discovered this week didn't quite have the same heartwarming effect for the person who found it.

A bargain hunter was surprised to come across a tragic note when looking through jackets at a thrift store.

The message was tucked away by the garment's previous owner, and read: "Bury me in this red suit".

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